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Being citizens of the United States in the 60s, racial identity was still more or less inherent from both inside and outside. The film titled “Green Book” tells about the concept with a narrative of friendship that is very riveting. Movie Review

Tony Lip alias Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen), a famous bouncer club in New York who is of Italian descent, still has prejudice against certain races. He considered himself a white man who did not have to obey any rules or orders. His shrewdness in quarrels and fights led him to become a man known in the New York nightclub. When the club where he worked temporarily closed for renovations, Tony did not have a permanent job and his former boss recommended him to apply to become a doctor’s driver. It turned out that the doctor in question was not a medical officer, but a black man with a doctorate who was also a famous jazz musician. Best Movie

Doctor Shirley (Mahershala Ali), as he is usually called, wants to tour the southern US region which is known for being very racist. Tony was demanded to not only be a driver, but a bodyguard and road manager from Doctor Shirley. Tony must comply with the ‘Green Book’ which contains places that can be visited by black residents.

Green Book
Green Book

Being someone of African-American descent in that era means obeying the existing segregation rules. Most black people also understand this rule whether written or not and they spend most of their lives serving the needs of Caucasian Americans.

Tony Lip realized this and Doctor Shirley realized that he was only valuable to white people when he appeared on stage. Both have personalities that are opposite of each other’s typical races. Tony is not educated and often uses harsh words.

Whereas Doctor Shirley has a degree in psychology and a genius musician. Even so, in the eyes of US citizens, they are still judged on the basis of their skin color. Both are involved in a journey that involves a lot of conflict, racial tensions, to unpleasant treatment. Top Movie Site

“Green Book” is a drama that distorts all prejudices and stereotypes attached to certain races. Directed by Peter Farelly, this film presents a conflict that actually does not involve outsiders but rather shows the inner conflicts faced by each character. Does being a black man in that era have to like the music of Aretha Franklin? Does being a white man mean that he has to enjoy jazz and fancy dinner parties? Mahershala Ali and Viggo Morstensen truly performed amazing acting and were able to convince their audience through their gestures, dialogues and facial expressions. No wonder “Green Book” won many film award nominations including the Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA, and will most likely be included in the Academy Awards nominations as well.

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