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Although both depict disasters, unlike Geostorm (2017), this film directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Angel Has Fallen) does not require the actor to run through the storm and tsunami. Butler is just an ordinary middle-aged man trapped in the destruction of the world. Not a secret agent, not an ex-military. Even after killing one person accidentally, his soul was shaken. Greenland put Butler in the middle of a typical Hollywood spectacle, without the need to make it a one-man army. Top Movie Site

Butler plays John, a structural engineer, whose relationship with his wife, Allison (Morena Baccarin), breaks down after he has an affair. His son, Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd), has diabetes and must regularly receive insulin. Ahead of Nathan’s birthday celebration, the world is shocked by the sudden appearance of a comet named Clarke, which, although it is quite large, is believed not to hit Earth. Of course if NASA’s estimates were right, there wouldn’t be this film.

Clarke’s fragments hit the earth, destroying one city after another around the world. Not only that, within 48 hours, the largest flakes soon followed, which was allegedly going to destroy most of the population of living things. Like most disaster films, Greenland didn’t step on the gas right away. But rather than a bland prologue filled with makeshift character backgrounds and boring exposition (one of the sicknesses of disaster films), Waugh is good at building intensity, generating tension through “signals” of danger.

We are made to feel the anxiety of the character, who slowly realizes that Clarke is not a friendly natural phenomenon, one of which is through the news on television which over time also begins to shift, from an invitation to enjoy the beautiful sight of comet rain in the sky, to terrible reports. Waugh lived the wait anxiously, before it finally developed into mass hysteria. Meanwhile the pictures contain the hapless fighter planes and comets across the wide sky, showing how small our protagonists are. Emphasize that this is a story about ordinary people facing the Day of Judgment. Best Movie

Without having to rely on CGI (except for the moment of the shockwave attack, which was effective), the first act was so intense that the failure of the rest of the film to reach a similar level of intensity was forgiven. Not bad, but without a significant difference in quality, when compared to other mid-budget disaster movies. There is a scene racing on top of a car while avoiding a meteor shower, an airplane that was forced to land an emergency, and a line of other familiar sights.

Often writing thriller scripts in single locations such as Buried (2010) to ATM (2012), Chris Sparling seems to have a little trouble handling giant-scale stories. Various plot holes that deliberately appear to add to the problem, are common. How could Nathan’s diabetes be unknown? Why were people without an invitation finally allowed to enter the bunker?

But the Sparling script was able to provide Butler with the perfect vehicle for survival. Greenland is not about the toughness of a hero through the apocalypse, but the struggle to survive a family. Even the second act had separated John and Allison, giving Butler and Baccarin the opportunity to deliver an adequate dramatic performance. For Butler, this means he doesn’t have to take up arms, run around to avoid disaster, or show off Leonidas muscle to star in a blockbuster treat, without having to change his image too much. Movie Review

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