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Orion Pictures released the latest trailer for the film Gretel & Hansel. The film Gretel & Hansel will be one of the first Hollywood horror films in 2020, after The Grudge

This legendary fairy tale will be a new chapter in the legend of Hansel and Gretel that has been entrenched. As seen in this Gretel & Hansel trailer, this horror film will lead to a slightly darker theme in terms of the material and story that will be displayed.

The Gretel & Hansel trailer starts with Gretel played by Sophia Lillis who roam the forest. Then his younger brother, Hansel, asked Gretel to tell a story, which he refused to tell, not wanting to see anything strange. Hansel then begins to see many things, especially the evil witch who seems to be returning to haunt the Gretel & Hansel brothers. Games Online dan Offline

Gretel & Hansel
Gretel & Hansel

As seen in the first Gretel & Hansel trailer, this fairy tale adaptation film has a story centered on a young girl who takes a younger sister around in the dark forest. While they found what they were looking for, they also found a scary crime.

Gretel & Hansel movie players include newcomer Sammy Leakey, Alice Krige (Star Trek, The OA), Jessica De Gouw (Underground, Arrow) and Charles Babalola (Black Mirror, The Legend of Tarzan).

Oz Perkins film director Gretel & Hansel previously brought the film The Blackcoat’s Daughter and I Am the Pretty Thing That Live in the House. The film Gretel & Hansel was written by Rob Hayes, known for his work on Netflix’s Chewing Gum.

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Sinister, Upgrade) and Fred Berger (La La Land, Destroyer) acted as producers, and with Sandra Yee Ling and Macdara Kelleher as executive producers. In addition to the trailer, the latest poster from the film Gretel & Hansel has been released, which shows the dark forest that Gretel & Hansel will visit. The film Gretel & Hansel is not the first time Hollywood has adopted the story of Brothers Grimm’s book. Previously there was one film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters in 2013, starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. The film Gretel & Hansel is scheduled to air on January 31st.

Synopsis Gretel & Hansel

Long ago in a fabled village far away, a young girl led her younger brother into a dark forest in search of food and work, and they found a frightening crime center.

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