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When the first Atomic Blonde (2017) was announced, I expected to get a female version of John Wick-esque. As we know, the results are different (which is not a problem). More serious, darker, more complex espionage intrigue. Four years later, Navot Papushado (Rabies, Big Bad Wolves) brings that hope to life with Gunpowder Milkshake.

The plot itself follows the formula that made John Wick popular (besides the action, of course), one of which is related to the construction of a unique mythology in the criminal world. Diners and hospitals that are willing to open doors for murderers as long as they don’t carry a gun, armory under the guise of a library, and so on. Only, without the death of a dog. Top Movie Site

Sam (Karen Gillan) is a hit man, hired by Nathan (Paul Giamatti), head of HR for a company called The Firm. Sam’s mother, Scarlet (Lena Headey), also had a similar profession, before suddenly leaving him 15 years ago. Although reliable, Sam is known to be difficult to manage, and often acts outside of missions.

Like when he chose to save Emily (Chloe Coleman) the 8 year old boy, rather than return The Firm’s money according to instructions. As a result, Sam turned into a fugitive from The Firm. As if the danger wasn’t enough, Jim McAlester (Ralph Ineson), a gangster boss who holds a grudge after Sam kills his son

One thing that immediately stole the attention from the first minute was the visuals. The distinctive light of neo(n)-noir which at one point, its reflection makes the night sky emit a pink tinge, to the combination of various color properties, all of which are able to spoil the eye. Despite a lot of gunfights and deaths, this film looks bright, sweet, like a glass of milkshake.

Meanwhile, the script, which was written by Papushado with Ehud Lavski, offers another sweetener through the dynamics of the two main characters. Thanks to Chloe Coleman’s appearance, Emily is the perfect tandem for Sam. His demeanor is mature, but not overly mature that takes away his childish side. Emily is mature because she is smart and strong. It’s also critical, so Sam often runs out of words to respond to the boy’s words.

Karen Gillan is the right choice for filmmakers who want to create awkwardness in interactions. She is such a mood. Wearing his signature deadpan style, Gillan is like someone who carries the “fuck my life” principle. Combine that with his ability to handle action scenes, he perfectly brings the director’s vision to life. Best Movie

Papushado clearly wants uniqueness, especially when it comes to action. For him, action sequences are not only fun, they also have to tickle occasionally, and defy the audience’s expectations. The character “shouldn’t” just stab the knife, but draw it through the trigger of the gun. Car chases are not only a race for speed, but also ingenuity is like playing hide and seek.

Of course, the touch of violence is not forgotten, which again often appears in unexpected ways and times. Blood splattered, bodies exploded, while some heads were cut off, some were crushed. Papushado knows how to elicit applause from the audience. But of all the action, the fight in the library is the best, both here and among all the 2021 action films as a whole.

Gunpowder Milkshake is another empowerment-themed film. The film’s female heroes are tasked with cleaning up the men’s mess (The Firm), only to be betrayed. The plot is the process of them breaking away from the situation, and the actions of the sisterhood trio further strengthen the theme.

In the action against the background of the library, Michelle Yeoh appears armed with a chain that confirms her status as a wuxia icon, Angela Bassett unceremoniously swings two hammers, and Carla Gugino slays opponents using machine guns to Janis Joplin’s song Piece of My Heart. Add Karen Gillan and Lena Headey as mother-daughter who make up in extreme ways (read: killing), then full energy direction with an intensity that is maintained so neatly, then a moviegasm is created. Movie Review

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