Guns Akimbo – Synopsis

An international trailer for the action-comedy film Guns Akimbo has been released and has succeeded in presenting various levels of film madness. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as a nerd video game developer with a weapon attached to his hand which was then pushed into a terrible underground match and broadcast live-streaming.

The film follows the story of a video game developer named Miles, who spends his days at work and misses his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Nova. His mediocre existence reversed when he found himself listed on the darknet website which forced strangers to fight death games throughout the city so that their gladiatorial battles could be broadcast live throughout the world to fanatical hearings.

Contestants are chosen by a clandestine gang known as Schism, which inhibits weaker contestants from going further. Initially, Miles’s problems paid off when he managed to avoid his first opponent, but when Nova was kidnapped, he finally had to stop running and overcome his fears to fight for the girl he loved. Games Online dan Offline

The film was first released on September 9, 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. However, this film will be widely released throughout 2020. Jason Lei Howden is the director behind the process of making this film. Guns Akimbo’s film is his second experience as a director. In addition, Jason also became a screenplay writer in this film.

The reason why this film is very much awaited, because it was also attended by various famous Hollywood stars. Most of you, certainly not familiar. Among them, Daniel Radcliffe, Samar Weaving, Rhys Darby, Ned Dennehy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Even more interesting from this film is, there are three producers who participated in this film project namely Tom Hern, Felipe Marino & Joe Neurator. Guns Akimbo is under the Sabana Film production company.

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