Harriet – Synopsis

Director Kasi Lemmons makes his latest film which tells the story of Harriet Tubman, a slave in the 19th century who is known for his heroic story. In an interview, he said that this film did not focus on raising cruelty in slavery, but rather told stories about the human side of it.

Some stories that became part of Tubman’s life, such as his sister being taken away, then his brother who had to leave his wife only moments after the birth of their child became the inspiration in this film. Lemmons said the choices a person must make and the fact that Tubman finally had the motivation to save his family.


Tubman was born in the early 1800s in Maryland, United States (US) of enslaved parents. As an adult, he managed to escape slavery by running up to 100 miles away, through forests and fields. Games Online dan Offline

However, he decided to return to Maryland by risking his life to help family members and hundreds of other slaves for freedom, through the Underground Railroad or underground movements aimed at fleeing to the northern US and Canada.

Tubman in this film will be played by Cynthia Erivo, a British-born actress, with a Nigerian background. He once won a Tony award in 2016 after starring in the Broadway musical The Color Purple.

Election Erivo had become controversial because it is known as a British actress, while Tubman is an iconic African-American figure. However, Lemmons says what is most important is the story of a Tubman, who must be shared.

Erivo also said that he had tried his best to be able to play the role of Tubman, including compensating for the physical form of the woman. Thus, he can fully master the character and hope that the film starring this time is a success.

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