Her Blue Sky – Review

We have found many heartbreaking anime titles. However, among the various anime works that make the audience cry, we certainly agree that AnoHana is one of the champions. Behind how sad AnoHana is, we need to throw our appreciation to the creators, especially Tatsuyuki Nagai as the director, Mari Okada the scriptwriter, and Masatoshi Tanaka as the animation designer.
Four years later, the inner inspirational trio returned to collaborating on the Her Blue Sky project.

Her Blue Sky carries a fantasy story with a theme of time travel. One of the key characters in this anime, Shinnosuke Kanamuro, comes in two versions on one timeline. The figure of a teenage Shinno — his older sister’s girlfriend, Akane, 13 years ago — suddenly appeared before Aoi Aioi, the protagonist.

On the other hand, Aoi also met the figure of an adult Shinno whose temperament and stature was far different. No longer overwhelmed by cheerfulness, adult Shinno is a grumpy-mouthed grumpy figure. Games Online dan Offline

The drama starts when Aoi realizes Shinno and Akane actually still love each other. However, if they were reunited, the figure of the teenage Shinno he liked would disappear. It was here that he had to choose: his apparent self-happiness or the eternal happiness of his brother who had been struggling to support Aoi. From this unique premise, we will get a moral message that life does not always bring what we want. However, we can view happiness from another perspective. We can smile when we see our loved ones smile happily even if our desires are not fulfilled.

Watching Shinno with character is always cheerful, passionate, and tends to be naive. However, they can make us understand things from another perspective, motivating us to fight for what we believe.

Shinno’s characteristics in such a way make his figure easily loved by the audience. His presence is also a counterweight to the emotional dramatization of Aoi’s character, making us not easily bored and tired of watching this film to the end. Shinno invited laughter, but he also can make us ponder that chasing dreams is not easy. His passion and expertise in playing music alone is not enough to bring him to become a professional musician as he aspires. There are annoying things in this real world called connections and recommendations, inhibiting Shinno’s career who only played music in one small room.

Dive into the life of another bassist named Aoi Aioi. Sitting in the 2nd grade of high school, Aoi has no friends and prefers spending time playing bass anywhere. Since childhood, he began to learn bass because he often accompanied his brother, Akane, seeing Shinno and his band practicing. Yes, Shinno’s figure seemed to be a star in his life to find direction, including when Aoi was a teenager.

Aoi who tends to be indifferent and not talkative slowly changes. He becomes more honest and expressive of how he feels. In fact, Aoi who initially only saw the world from one perspective began to empathize with what happened to other people around her. He slowly realized that there was someone far more important in his life. This character development can be felt so naturally and without coercion. We will also sympathize with Aoi, who is finally more open to accept the reality despite the pain in his heart.

Akane, the older sister appeared with a calm, gentle personality, and always smiled. Even so, never underestimate this bespectacled girl. Her dedication in caring for Aoi, her 13-year-old sister, alone, made Akane an all-round and resilient figure, both mentally and physically. She was even able to slam an adult Shinno who was drunk with her bare hands.

Her love for her sister also made her sacrifice a lot of life. All the burden of her life she covered through a smile and tenderness to behave. Therefore, when she was moved to tears, anyone would pity her. Likewise, Aoi who had never before seen Akane cry even when their parents died.

There’s not much that this character does in the film. However, her impression was so strong. This character makes us increasingly empathize with Aoi. Like Aoi, we will also think about Akane’s happiness, which will eventually be answered through visual pieces in the film credit.

For those of you who like to be made to cry through slick works, Her Blue Sky is a spectacle that is not to be missed.

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