Hit & Run Squad – Review

This action, mystery, and investigation genre film Hit & Run Squad will not make you regret it when you watch it. Looking at the rows of actors and actresses, we already have big expectations.

The concept of this film is the first in Korea. Car racing. Scene racing on the racing circuit and the highway looks good and cool. Satisfy our eyes. Of course the Korean people feel proud of the quality of this film. Games Online dan Offline

Once upon a time Shi Yeon (Gong Hyo Jin) was investigating a corruption case involving Jeong Jae Cheol (Jo Jung Suk), a former formula racer who turned into a businessman. But Shi Yeon failed to get enough evidence so he was transferred to the hit-and-run division. There he collaborates with Seo Jin Jae (Ryu Jun Yeol), a young police officer who has strong instincts and understands the automotive world well. Seo Jin Jae who did not work according to the procedure deliberately urged Jeong Jae Cheol over a hit-and-run case that has not been solved until now. He was sure Jeong Jae Cheol knew about the case. Seo Jin Jae’s suspicion is precisely what prompted Shi Yeon to find the key to the Jeong Jae Cheol corruption case with a high-ranking police officer.

This is the first time Jo Jung Suk has played a stuttering antagonist. Honestly, his acting is very satisfying. No wonder he repeatedly won awards. When he was about to speak, Jeong Jae Cheol’s character seemed both choked and emotional. It is not the type of comedic stuttering that will make us laugh but the stutter that makes us shudder. Jo Jung Suk looks so annoying especially with his childlike behavior. He played the figure of Jeong Jae Cheol who was hungry for money and power hungry well although this character development felt raw.

Hit & Run Squad
Hit & Run Squad

Ryu Jun Yeol also plays the character very well. At first he looks innocent and stupid but apparently has a brilliant side. Seo Jin Jae’s character gets good character development here. The reason why he understands the automated world is why he is good at reckless driving also gets a good explanation. Seo Jin Jae is a very human figure. It is a picture that humans can get karma, can change from sinful to become prospective inhabitants of heaven. It’s just that when it reaches a good point, the script writer becomes too polished so that the humane and realistic foundation of Seo Jin Jae collapses. Ryu Jun Yeol’s acting was unable to save the unrealistic image of Seo Jin Jae who had crashed but did not die either.

The film uses a lot of actresses as “hero” actors, but unfortunately these female characters don’t show much in their teeth. Still, the film focuses on two men. Though Gong Hyo Jin should have been able to give a different touch given her acting is not playing well. In other film and drama projects, Gong Hyo Jin always managed to leave an impression.

But we need to appreciate the good plot twist at the end of the film. Although this kind of story plot is almost stale used in films with the theme of the police, the acting of the main characters is quite helpful. The subplot of the child’s father relationship in the middle of the film is a bit annoying because it seems to make this film turn into a melodrama. But take it easy, this film can still be enjoyed and become its own entertainment. Especially if the three main actors are idols, those who watch will like it.

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