Hitman : Agent Jun – Review

Jun (Kwon Sang-Woo) is a sophisticated National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. His parents passed away when he was a child. From an early age he was recruited to become the most sophisticated spy agent. The boss / trainer is Deok-kyu (Jung Joon-ho) who teaches him to be the best spy. As a result, Jun became an extraordinary secret agent.

But in his heart Jun doesn’t want to be an agent. He wants to be a comic artist. Every free time he draws. And one day Jun finally decided to fake his death. Jun succeeded. Everyone believes that Jun is gone. Jun smiled and struggled to reach his dream to become a comic artist.

Skip to a few years later. Jun finally became a comic artist. But reality is different from the dream in his head. Jun is married to his wife Mi-na (Hwang Woo Seul-hye) and has a daughter named Ga-yeong (Lee Ji-won) who likes to rap. Their roles were exchanged. Jun is at home and manages the house while continuing to write comics while his wife works. His son also secretly realized that parents were short of money and dreamed of taking a reality show in order to get money. Games Online dan Offline

Hitman : Agent Jun
Hitman : Agent Jun

Webtoon written by Jun was not responded well to the reader. Instead of being famous, Jun actually gets various insults and insults from readers. Because this is Jun, when he was drunk he decided to make comics when he was an NIS agent. Without realizing it, his wife saw the comic and sent it to the editor. In a short amount of time, Jun’s comics told stories about his experiences being a viral spy and made him the comic artist he loved. Of course this good news comes with bad news. Because the former boss and former enemy finally knew that Jun was still alive.

Written and directed by Choi Won-sub, Hitman Agent Jun is an entertaining comedy action film. Bright colorful visuals that support how lightweight the plot carried by Won-sub. Editing is concise enough so that the film runs smoothly without obstacles. And the cast, especially Kwon Sang-woo played enough so that Hitman Agent Jun could be enjoyed.

Unfortunately unlike most other comedy action films, such as Midnight Runners or even Extreme Job, Hitman Agent Jun does not have extra personality. As a comedy film, the jokes in this film are hit and miss. There are some jokes that will make you laugh out loud like the scene of Jun with his boss involving a cellphone in the groin. But there are also jokes that are too crisp.

As an action film, Hitman Agent Jun did not provide anything new. The scene is just like that even if it’s not bad. In the plot, the mystery carried by Won-sub does not provide many puzzles so the audience will catch it without the need for effort. The ease with which the main character resolves the problem is what makes Hitman Agent Jun not stand out compared to his other friends.

What is quite striking about Hitman Agent Jun is probably the relationship between Jun and his pretty touching daughter. There were quite a few stand-out scenes that provided strong motivation for Jun to make mistakes that finally brought Hitman Agent Jun to the turning point. The Won-sub way to combine live action and animation also makes Hitman Agent Jun more hip and unique. For those of you who want to watch a stress-free spectacle that is easy to see, Hitman Agent Jun can be an option for you. Although the story is predictable, at least you will still relax while watching it.

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