Horse Girl – Review

Horse Girl is the latest Netflix Original Movie released on February 7, 2020. The film stars and is written by Alison Brie who was inspired by the history of her family’s mental health, assisted by the director, Jeff Baena. Through his interview with Vulture, Alison revealed that he always wanted to write a film about his grandmother and mother. Her grandmother had schizophrenia and her mother grew up in a traumatic situation, while Alison lived with a shadow of a mental health history through her line.

Horse Girl tells the story of Sarah, a woman who works at a craft material store. Not too many friends, Sarah is more comfortable spending time watching a supernatural series and making bracelets with wool yarn. The only brother who he loved was Willow, a horse that was once his.

Sarah’s quiet, calm life began to be disturbed when she believed that she was kidnapped by aliens while asleep.

Horse Girl is a film that wants to make its audience aware of mental health issues with new methods and original concepts. There are already many films that take the theme of the main character who is experiencing mental disorders. However, we always act as viewers from the perspective of a third person. Seeing them slowly leads to insanity and makes us sympathetic. That’s it. Games Online dan Offline

In contrast to “Horse Girl”, we will be taken on a mental journey to that insanity. It is not a pleasant journey, but experiencing mental disorders is not something that will make us feel comfortable.

Gradually, we will feel how a mental illness feels like a virus that plagues our normal lives into terror.

From the beginning to the end of the film, we will see the world through Sarah’s perspective. From when he was working in a shop, going home and enjoying his favorite series, to sleeping and entering Sarah’s dream. Then woke up on the side of the road, far from the apartment where he lived.

Maybe at first, we did not realize that this film tried to swallow every audience in the madness felt by Sarah; and so is a mental illness attacking sufferers. We will not realize since when reality and illusion melt and make us lose control.

When the film finishes, we will feel “crazy” and do not believe what we just saw. Some of us might make statements that this film has disturbing content, makes us anxious, and everything feels too absurd. But hey, that’s how insanity works; everything feels absurd.

Horse Girl may not be a movie that will make us have a pleasant experience watching movies. This film will make us question our sanity and cause anxiety. However, if Alison Brie’s intention is to make films that make us feel what it’s like to be a person with mental disorders; she did a pretty good job.

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