I am Mother – Review

The film I am Mother revolves around the earth which has just experienced human extinction. A robot is designed to restore the human population in modern facilities, complete with all its needs. The robot, then called ‘Mother’, then chooses a human embryo and ‘takes care of it’ until it grows up, the chosen human being is called ‘Daughter’.

Robot Mother raised her ‘daughter’ with a theoretical method that (maybe) had been implanted in it since the beginning of the robot was created. However, the child’s curiosity finally revealed the veil of mystery that had been hidden by the Robot ‘Mother’. Games Online dan Offline

Plus, the presence of a strange woman suddenly asked for help outside the facility where the Mother and her child lived. This is of course inversely proportional to the recognition of the Robot Mother who sad that there is not a single human who is still alive out there.

Conflict grew, when the foreign woman turned out to have a gunshot wound. From the results of the Robot Mother’s research, the bullet lodged in the woman’s body was not a bullet from a droid that was patrolling out there. So, the Daughter increasingly exasperation.

Trapped, by the foreign woman’s seduction, Daughter finally decided to ‘run away’ from the facility together with the Foreign Woman. Unlucky, what is outside the facility is not as described.

This film is a debut for an Australian director; Grant Sputore. Because of this it is not wrong for many critics who judge underestimating the film’s eyes. Grant also wrote the script together with Michael Lloyd Green. I Am Mother stars Luke Hawker, who acts as the Robot Mother. As for the voice of the robot acted by Rose Byrne. Clara Rugaard plays the role of Daughter, while Hillary Swank plays the character of a Foreign Woman.

The premise of the I Am Mother story is fairly unique, although there is still (very) little in common with Morten Tyldum’s Passenger. The plot was made almost perfect, yes maybe there are still a few plot-holes here and there, but for the size of the debut film, this is still within reasonable tolerances.

The acting quality of the cast is also fairly good. Practically, only two characters can be judged by the quality of his acting in plain view. Clara Rugaard and Hillary Swank appeared extraordinary, both of whom were able to convey the unrest of each character to the audience.

As the saying goes; Nothing is perfect, neither is this Netflix production film. Behind the premise and the quality of its acting, this film still has limitations on cinematography and CGI quality which is still weak. Try to look, the scene where Clara and Swank ran away from the facility, the scenery displayed looks too fake.

However, this is certainly not an important thing. Considering this is a film debut for the director.

Overall, I Am Mother appeared quite impressive. The premise of the story is cool and brilliantly executed. Two thumbs up for the debutant; Grant Sputore. For this reason, it feels like a 7/10 rating is appropriate for I Am Mother.

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