I See You – Synopsis

I See You is a type of horror film whose story is twisted so that its plot is limited to spoilers, which is about a strange incident experienced by a detective and his family in a small town when he investigates the disappearance of a boy. But it is also a very entertaining, thrilling film, and there is a dark side that will spark a lot of conversation.

In the city queues, women who are named Jackie (Helen Hunt) is a mother who was recently discovered by her husband a detective named Greg (Jon Tenney) having an affair. The affair turned out to result in destroying the family, with Greg sleeping on the couch while Connor rages against his mother, leaving Jackie in such a narrow place, unable to apologize to the person who is he loved. Games Online dan Offline

I See You
I See You

During the riot period that, something unknown began to infiltrate the house, put Jackie on the edge when she tried to gather some clues are left behind, also juggling the progress of his lover who named Todd (Sam Trammell) who returns to express his love for married woman.

Can not explain certain changes around the place of residence, Jackie began to consider that something so spooky might be close. With the whole city worried Regarding the recent abduction, Greg was placed against the case this, dealing with a partner named Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams) who is worried that an old killer has returned.

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