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Based on the true story of a spiritual music star Jeremy Camp, the film I Still Believe presents a story about the journey of love, loss and hope that emotionally inspires many people. The genre of romantic drama, the film directed by Erwin Brothers managed to make me drift in the atmosphere to shed a little tear during the screening. However, what is the plot like starring two young actress KJ Apa and Britt Robertson in this film? Here’s the full review! Top Movie Site

To understand more about the meaning of Christianity, Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa) decided to continue his studies at California’s Calvary Chapel Bible College. On his first day, he met a spiritual singer, Jean-Luc (Nathan Dean) who eventually became his career guide in singing and writing songs. During his worship service, Jeremy experiences his name falling in love at first sight with a beautiful girl named Melissa (Britt Robertson) who eventually becomes his wife.

I Still Believe
I Still Believe

However, problems began when Melissa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that had spread to all parts of her body. Because of the prayers and faith of people around, Melissa had experienced a miracle that her cancer had been lifted. However, after his honeymoon with Jeremy ended, the cancer reappeared until finally Melissa died. At that moment, Jeremy’s heart felt broken, hurt, and lost. When he read the letter written by Melissa, Jeremy got up again and he believed that even in the worst situation there was hope that would encourage him to make a song called ‘I Still Believe’.

The story of I Still Believe comes from a true story that was experienced by a gospel singer, of course it is not surprising that this film includes religious elements in the story. To further maximize its religious elements, Lionsgate entrusted Erwin Brothers to work on this film. For information, the duo of Erwin Brothers’ siblings is indeed known as a film director with a religious theme. Best Movie

In addition to presenting the love story between Jeremy and Melissa, this film will also show how the couple’s faith in God when experiencing trials. That is why, this film presents a sweet and innocent love story, while still paying attention to the limits set by religion.

Not only enjoying the love story of Jeremy and Melissa, which is full of twists and turns, the audience can also learn lessons about faith in this film. Therefore, this film can actually be enjoyed by anyone because it has a message that is deep enough, especially about being loyal to your partner even in the most difficult times and about surrender to God.

Maybe this film I Still Believe does have a light and simple storyline, but the message and meaning of a hidden true story from a spiritual singer Jeremy Cramp can inspire and bless many people. In this film many teach that every human being must have had problems both small and large though. However, crossing from your different backgrounds and religions, in every problem faced there must be hope for people who always believe. In addition, although God allows a problem to occur in your life, but believe that it has a better purpose.

Overall, in my opinion this film is enough to make my heart touched and become more aware of the existence of a hope behind the problem. I hope that this film will also inspire many others who watch it. Movie Review

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