Jumanji : The Next Level – Review

Spencer’s decision Games Online dan Offline (played by Alex Wolff) choosing to study in New York made him and Martha (played by Morgan Turner) have to undergo a long distance relationship. Because it is separated by distance, the knitting rope that is knitted is stretched.

When the year-end holiday arrives, Spencer feels uneasy when he has to go to a small reunion attended by his best friend, Bethany (played by Madison Iseman) and Fridge (played by Ser’Darius Blain). Because of course Martha will also be there.

To ward off the uneasiness, Spencer repaired the broken Jumanji board. He entered the game only to feel strong and confident when he became the character of Dr. Smolder Bravestone (played by Dwayne Johnson).

Knowing Spencer returned to the game Jumanji only by himself, Martha, Bethany and Fridge decided to follow after with the intention of bringing the boy home. Unfortunately, everything was not easy because Spencer’s grandfather, Eddie (played by Danny DeVito) who was suffering from lumbago, was dragged inside.

Jumanji : The Next Level

The success received by JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is somewhat unexpected. As a sequel that came 22 years after the first film was released, turning the board into a world of video games, and not involving old players to complement the elements of nostalgia, it was very surprising when the market response was so good. So it’s no wonder that two years later a follow-up film was born which was directed, produced and written by Jake Kasdan.

In accordance with the use of subtitles, Kasdan presents a new level in this sequel. First is the varied story settings. Not only in the jungle, adventure brings Bravestone and his team into the desert to the snowy cliffs in order to fulfill the mission to be able to return to the real world. Second and most surprising, the random character that Spencer and his three friends must inhabit. This change automatically causes laughter. Because for those who have watched the previous film will easily know the weaknesses and advantages of each character.

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