Killed My Wife – Synopsis

The film Killed My Wife begins with a man and woman trapped in a dark room, where it is impossible to make something before stabbing him. The next day a man named Chae Jung-ho (Lee Si-eon) woke up drunk and heard someone banging on the door. He was surprised to see a police officer named Lieutenant Choi (Ahn Nae-sang) who came to question Chae Jung-ho.

Choi states that Jung-ho’s wife has died but assures him that he just stopped by because of police procedures for talking to family members. When that happened, Jung-ho and his wife separated and the police apparently didn’t suspect that he was a murderer until he noticed all the blood on his hands and clothes. But the blood stain also surprised Jung-ho. Games Online dan Offline

Jung-ho doesn’t remember anything about the night before or how the blood got there. Jung-ho walks around with painful confusion that tries to fill the void in his memory. After stepping out of Lieutenant Choi’s grip, he turned into a fugitive, but only a few steps before the law and the prison cell while he tried to find the truth.

Killed My Wife
Killed My Wife

Jung-ho finds his best friend knowing that they are late at night together drinking at the bar. A bar girl gives him more details about how he fought to defend her. Jung-ho gets closer to finding out who killed his wife, who he hopes to get back together once Jung-ho solves his financial problems.

Jung-ho who has a cold attitude takes an interest in a suitcase full of money that suddenly appears, which is able to resolve his personal financial crisis. Jung-ho has a sad gambling habit. According to him money is the reason his wife kicked him out of the house. When Jung-ho loses his job, he doesn’t dare to tell his wife that he’s been fired and begging to work as a day laborer.

A group of gangsters running a gambling business intervened. Jung-ho has borrowed money from Mrs. The evil Kim boss woman who threatens to cut off his hand if he doesn’t pay. Can Jung-ho remember and prove that he’s not his wife’s killer?

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