Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 – Review

Adapted from the book of the same name, Kim Jiyoung, Born in 1982, this film will tell the twists and turns of a young family, a married couple Ji Young (Jung Yu Mi) and Daehyon (Gong Yoo). What really happened to this family? Why does this story have to be told?

The focus of this film is of course on Ji Young, and will make you see the point of view of the story from a woman’s side. Trying to understand about women. Try to understand how then a woman who grows up in a process comes slowly and then becomes a young mother.

Young families who are happy and then immersed in the sad remains of the past. Through Ji Young’s past thoughts, the audience was invited to see his childhood life with his mother, who at the time was in the middle of a conservative environment.

One of the looks of this film is how the scene where Daehyon who hopes Ji Young must help prepare dinner tirelessly. While Daehyon just sat quietly without doing anything.Games Online dan Offline

Kim Ji - Young : Born 1982
Kim Ji – Young : Born 1982

Another problem arose where Ms. Daehyon felt injustice for her son when Ji Young decided to work again. Of course this led to an extraordinary inner conflict for Daehyon. On one hand, Daehyon might be very happy and eager to support Ji Young to do whatever he wants.

But on the other hand, Daehyon did not want her mother to have a conflict with his wife, Ji Young. Daehyon’s character does look ordinary, but the presence of this character is able to neutralize the emotions of a slightly explosive audience.

Mental health is also shown in this film. As a result of the trauma of a little in the past, to the scorn of others makes Ji Young unconsciously doing things that cannot be considered normal. Again, the character of Daehyon made the audience moved.

Not wanting this to happen to his wife continuously, Daehyon looked for a way to find out. He gives more ‘freedom’ to Ji Young in the small family they manage. What exactly happened to Ji Young? What is the burden on his past? Why does this have an impact on his mental side when he has become a mother.

Overall, this film is a film about empathy for women, especially among Asian people who are often forgotten. This film might bring the audience a little emotional and relate.

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