Lost Girls (Netflix) Review

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From the beginning to the end of the film, Lost Girls hold the audience with a story that is wrapped in dark and cynical shades. The film never once stopped in telling its tragic and piercing story. We, for 95 minutes, are guided with a certain but sure to uncover what really happened.

Lost Girls, for those who don’t know it, tell the true story of the serial killer on Long Island, New York. In this film, we are told by a mother named Mari Gilbert (Amy Ryan). She worked in two jobs at once, namely in the construction sector and as a waiter in a food stall. One day, she realized that one of his children, Shannan Gilbert, had disappeared. Top Movie Site

Shannan had not lived with his mother because of a problem that had be fallen them. Shannan lives with his girlfriend while Mari with her two daughters, Sherre (Thomasin McKenzie) and Sarra Gilbert (Oona Laurence). She was initially convinced that Shannan was fine, but after there was no news, Mari and her two daughters began their efforts to find Shannan and find out what really happened.

Watching Lost Girls, I remembered Denis Villeneuve’s film, Prisoners, which was released in 2013. Both of them told stories of parents trying to find their missing child. But that’s all the same, and the rest are different. If the main character in Prisoners looks fierce and ferocious to find the truth, it is different from Mari Gilbert.

Mari Gilbert is a mother who is always busy. She is no longer married, she has two jobs, and one of her children, Sarra, has a disorder and must always consume the medicine. “I don’t like the medicine. It makes me sleepy, “Sarra said. “It also keeps you from burning tissue in the bathroom,” Mari answered after picking up Sarra who was suspended from her school.

The problems and busyness that happened to him made Mari a very complex character, and fortunately Amy Ryan was able to highlight this complexity (before this time I only knew her from the sitcom The Office). He was able to capture the emotions of Mari, a mother who would do everything to find her child. He was angry, he raged, he overflowed his emotions, but he also could hold back and think what was the next best step.

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Lost Girls don’t just rely on Amy Ryan to carry the story. In the hands of Liz Garbus – director who usually makes documentaries – Lost Girls are able to process the story slowly but surely. By utilizing the small city environment and Long Island, which is predominantly filmed only by forests and beaches, the film feels very intimate and close to the story that it presents.

When Shannan’s disappearance case was already excited, it was revealed that Shannan was a prostitute, something his family had not yet known. Not only that, the police who were busy searching for Shannan’s whereabouts found several corpses on the Long Island coast, adding to the excitement in the case. And after investigation, the bodies that were discovered apparently had the same profession as Shannan, adding to the evidence that this could all be done by one person. Movie Review

What makes Lost Girls interesting is how they treat the victims. Yes, their work might be very heartbreaking, but this film does not treat them like objects. The film honors the victims by telling them how the victims’ families struggle to find the truth. Mari also unites with the families of the victims to both find Shannan who is still missing.

In this film, the police are seen as something slow. This is not a procedural police film in which the police begin investigating. No, this is a procedural anti-police film – if the term really exists – where it is not the police who investigate but the families of the victims. Seeing Mari, along with other victims’ families, taking the initiative to investigate and interrogate anyone who was in the range where Shannan was last seen was very hopeful even though the tone of the film went dark.

Mari not be described as someone who is silent. He will do whatever he does to meet his daughter, but not with emotion or ferociously and aggressively. He was still calm, he was still thinking about what he should do. Helped by other victims’ families, Mari and her two daughters tried as best they could what had happened to Shannan.

In the end, this film does not have an ending. This is a film from a true story where the case is still confusing, until now. However, this film does not focus on killing or with the killer, this film focuses its attention on the victims and their families, how they will get through this problem together. Lost Girls will creep into you while the film is running, and this film will hit you when you least expect it.

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