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Love and Monsters, the film itself has been so binding since the unique prologue that gives a little twist to the story formula in a post-apocalyptic setting. After the appearance of an asteroid, civilization was almost wiped out, where the earth lived leaving 5% of the human population. But the asteroid wasn’t the cause. In fact, the asteroid was destroyed thanks to a missile. Unfortunately, when it exploded, chemical compounds used as the raw material for the missile rained down on the earth’s surface, turning cold-blooded animals into mutant monsters. Top Movie Site

For the past seven years, the survivors have been hiding in the dungeon to avoid the threat of monsters. One of them is Joel (Dylan O’Brien), who lives with one of the colonies as a chef. He wants to contribute more, but the problem is, Joel always freezes in fear when he is in a dangerous situation. Until he finds out the whereabouts of his lover, Aimee (Jessica Henwick), and is determined to take a deadly journey on the surface for seven days for the sake of his idol’s heart.

Very simple. There is no mission to save the world. As already written in the title, all done for love. Eliminate the question of the apocalypse and the man-eating monsters, then Joel’s struggle has probably also been experienced by many of us. But isn’t it the same reason that many other films have used? True, but Love and Monsters is a rare Hollywood product (especially these days), which completely manages to explore what it’s like to be separated from a loved one in the middle of the end of the world.

Joel’s adventure also represents the process of developing as the story from zero to hero in general. He learns to survive, to overcome fear, until he finally grows up when he is forced to look at a reality that is not as beautiful as expectations. Best Movie

The manuscripts by Brian Duffield (Insurgent, The Babysitter) and Matthew Robinson (The Invention of Lying, Dora and the Lost City of Gold) provide a plausible transformation of the protagonists. Joel is not a loser. He is handsome, kind, not awkward in socializing, has a beautiful girlfriend. I can imagine his life before the apocalypse was pleasant and comfortable. Precisely because of this comfort, Joel is not equipped with the ability to handle emergencies. Even excessive fear triggered by things that can be understood. The motivation is pure, the pain is reasonable, the character development is believable. Coupled with O’Brien’s ability to create a grounded protagonist in a fantasy setting, Joel is a very lovable figure.

Not only the main character, the other supporters also gave their lives. Throughout his adventures, Joel meets several traveling companions. Clyde (Michael Rooker) and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt), an old man and a little girl who teach him various survival methods, a dog named Boy, also Mav1s who is a robot. Both writers know how to bring out the likeable side of each individual, so that in no time, no matter how human or not, the audience (and Joel) bond emotionally with them.

In the directing chair, Michael Matthews strikes a balance between taste sensitivity and skill at handling exciting action sequences. The visual effects (which earned an Oscar nomination) are convincing even though the film “only” has a budget of 30 million dollars, making the creators’ creative imaginations about monsters come true. Some looked terrifying, some on the contrary, like the appearance of strange world wonders. A world whose construction proves the visual storytelling capacity of films. No need for a prolonged exposition. The landscape without human existence, which occasionally shows the carcasses of both monsters and warplanes (implying the remnants of humanity’s last resistance), is sufficient to provide a clear picture of what kind of world we are witnessing. Movie Review

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