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Since the first sequence that hit the gas, then the opening credits decorated with industrial music, I realized that this film would not bring the audience to see the “haunted house horror director” version of James Wan. If Furious 7 (2015) is the process of applying vigilante and revenge themes similar to Death Sentence (2007) to the blockbuster realm, then Malignant is like the result of Wan’s learning during a career of almost two decades.

The bloodshed and over-the-top approach of Saw (2004), revenge stories such as Death Sentence, elements of supernatural horror such as The Conjuring and Insidious series, even action as he learned in Aquaman (2018), all of Wan spilled. Top Movie Site

You don’t have to wait long for Malignant to increase the intensity, because a few minutes after the introduction to the protagonist, Madison (Annabelle Wallis), terror immediately appears. Madison’s marriage to Derek (Jake Abel) fell apart after she suffered multiple miscarriages. The husband blamed Madison, who is now pregnant for the umpteenth time. There was even a domestic violence action that day.

That night, a mysterious figure invades their home. Doesn’t look like a human. More like a black shadow, with an unnatural gesture. Derek dies horribly, while Madison survives, but has to lose her womb again. Some time ago, another series of murder cases occurred, and it is suspected that the same perpetrators were involved. Surprisingly, Madison could see all of the murders, as if they were on the spot.

The majority of Wan’s horror stories start slowly, because it takes time to introduce the characters, as well as investigate mystical phenomena. Malignant is different, because all the details of the background are saved, in order to produce a turning point towards the end of the plot. Best Movie

It’s easy to guess the big picture of the twist, moreover, Akela Cooper’s script (to write The Nun 2), which was written based on the original story that he had brainstormed with Wan and Ingrid Bisu (the first time the director’s wife received a film writing credit), did not give any credit. audience room to doubt the assumptions that arise.

Not because I’m lazy. The narrative is indeed slack in the second act, which appears like a slasher (plus a bit of giallo flavor, including the depiction of a mysterious murderer with black gloves) with a stagnant story, but these weaknesses can be made up for when one question after another begins to be answered. The big picture of the twist is predictable, but not with the details in it.

The answer (reminiscent of a British urban legend from the 19th century which I can’t mention in order to avoid spoilers) may sound silly, but seriousness is not the director’s goal. Wan seems to want to have fun, throw surprises, apply stylish camera setup and frantic editing like in Saw before, also uses his character’s unique design to create a unique yet bloody action at the climax. Annabelle Wallis’ acting is also in line with Wan’s vision for Malignant: Over the top. Movie Review

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