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Until this review was posted, Master is still the highest-speed film in the world throughout 2021, grossing around $ 34 million, giving it the status of being the first Indian film to top the world box office list. The audience flocked to the theater, especially at Tamil Nadu, which for a while had time to restore 100% of the studio’s capacity, before finally being reduced to 50% due to widespread controversy. Is this interest simply because of the longing for cinemas in the midst of a pandemic?


These factors play a role, but even under normal conditions, I am sure that Master will have great success. The existence of Vijay, one of the biggest stars of Tamil cinema who is nicknamed “Thalapathy” aka “Commander” by his fans, is a major reason. Vijay plays J.D., an eccentric lecturer from Chennai. J.D., who was called “master”, was exalted by students for his unique teaching techniques and willingness to side with them. He also proved successful in controlling the attitudes of naughty children. But that style earned him the hatred of other teachers. Moreover, J.D. is alcoholic.

At the opposite pole is Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi), the leader of a criminal group with a dark past. The modus operandi is, to delegate all the crimes he committed to the boys who live in juvenile prison, where Bhavani had been in prison. Jalan J.D. and Bhavani began to intersect, when the master was assigned three months of teaching at the prison.

Maybe many of you have heard of this film’s achievements, but are hesitant to try it due to its duration which reaches 179 minutes, aka nearly three hours. Not long origin, because the script written by director Lokesh Kanagaraj with Rathna Kumar and Pon Parthiban, spent about the first hour as an introduction to the two main characters. Since the opening sequence that expounds on Bhavani’s past, Master has been packed full. Full of conflict and action, even the dialogues overlapped. Top Movie Site

The “hero” status of both characters is emphasized. J.D. who threw a bottle of alcohol to block the closed carriage door, Bhavani the “one punch man” who was able to kill a human’s life in just one hit, were all introduced. This is something Western cinema, including Hollywood, has not dared to do. The storytelling method in which each side of the protagonist is completely peeled off instead of being a just passing background, makes his life journey appear like a legend. A mythology, ordinary tale fires.

A mythology is certainly rich in the character of “WAH”, which corresponds to the over-the-top approach typical of Indian regional cinema (non-Bollywood), including Tamil. Certainly most visible in terms of action. What kind of action? Master is a film where the protagonist is shown around the city beating up enemies using stainless buckets. I don’t think I need to cook further descriptions.

Lokesh Kanagaraj assembled a series of massive and powerful actions, including a climax that left no room for disappointment, when J.D. and Bhavani finally got into a fist fight. Vijay’s star aura does its job of bringing to life the easy badass main character, despite his flaws, while Vijay Sethupathi is an intimidating criminal, whose fist of authority alone can make everyone shudder. Best Movie

While over-the-top (ridiculous to some people), the threat the protagonist receives, as well as what he is at stake, lacks play. Tragic death is not a rare sight here. As usual, social criticism did not forget to be thrown. J.D. never blamed the boys, no matter how bad they were. The system is corrupt, the perpetrators of force and power are the target of shooting. Of course, the inspirational speeches that the kids magically wrong can still be found.

One plot point annoys me a bit. It is said that Bhavani put six of his men in juvenile prison. They are all over 18 years of age. None of them were suspicious (including J.D.), even though their looks were clearly much older than the other kids. One of them is named Das. He was played by Arjun Das, who caught the public’s attention with his bass-baritone voice. Face full of beard, wouldn’t anyone immediately suspect suspicion? But so be it. Swallow all the oddities, and enjoy Master’s high entertainment. The duration is a bit too long (some moments can be shortened), but far from tiring. Movie Review

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