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Missing Link tells the story of an adventurer named Sir Lionel Frost who had to take a Bigfoot from America to the Himalayas to find a distant relative of the Yeti. What makes the story interesting is of course the figure of the bigfoot named Susan or also called Mr. Link. In contrast to human expectations about Bigfoot, Bigfoot turns out to be a creature with high intelligence that is not inferior to humans. Susan can talk, behave and act like humans. Their journey also did not go smoothly because Lord Piggot-Dunceby, an adventurer who denied the existence of Bigfoot tried to prevent Sir Lionel Frost’s mission in proving the existence of Bigfoot. While being hunted by hired hunters Willard Strenk, the adventures of Sir Lionel and Susan became a roller coaster ride that was quite interesting to follow.

In addition to focusing on Susan’s story, Missing Link also takes a lot of focus on Sir Lionel Frost. From the opening scene in this film the audience can already see clearly the ability of Sir Lionel Frost as an expert adventurer. Sir Lionel Frost easily handled and established relationships with legendary creatures. However, there is one problem and drawbacks of Sir Lionel Frost that is the difficulty in establishing relationships with other humans. Sir Lionel Frost is described as an egocentric perfectionist and workaholic. Actually, Sir Lionel wants a relationship with other people and he is aware of it, but he cannot change himself. This can actually be said as an irony that is quite sad. For the sake of gaining recognition and entering into an adventurous community, Sir Lionel must prove the existence of Bigfoot which triggered his exciting adventure with Susan. Games Online dan Offline

Missing Link
Missing Link

The theme raised in this film actually talks about ‘home.’ The house is not in the sense of a physical place but a place where we feel comfortable, appropriate, and surrounded by the right people. The two main characters, Sir Lionel and Susan, are both in the dilemma of trying to find a ‘home’ to get out of solitude and loneliness. Sir Lionel tried to make the adventurous community his home, while Susan tried to make the Himalayas his new home in the hope of being surrounded by distant relatives of the yeti. Unfortunately, they both seem to be looking for a house in the wrong place. Trying to get recognition from the adventure community seems to be the wrong way to get a ‘home’ for Sir Lionel. It is wrong to mean that a ‘house’ should not need to have proof and see the adventurous community members who actually do not have a concern for Sir Lionel. Meanwhile, despite Susan’s expectations, the Yeti in the Himalayas turned out to be ‘racist’ to him and didn’t even consider him a brother. The ‘house’ theme raised was a potential theme because it was quite interesting, felt close and relatable.

When compared with the film from the previous Laika animation studio you could say Missing Link is the lightest, simplest and most colorful film. The story given in this film feels so generic, general and sometimes feels boring. There is no specific and clear target audience for this film, at first glance the visual aspect of Missing Link seems to be aimed at children but there are some parts of humor that seem more suitable for adults.

If seen from a visual perspective, Laika’s animation studio cannot be doubted. Laika has succeeded in perfecting the stop-motion technique so that it looks so smooth and beautiful. The resulting visuals look so beautiful like digital preparations even though the majority of the visuals that we see are puppets or artificial environments that are arranged slowly by humans. I was so perfect that even the audience had several times forgotten that Laika was a stop-motion film not 3D animation.

Missing Link also stars famous top actors such as Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel’s voice actor, Zach Galifianakis Susan and Zoe Saldana as Adelina’s voice actor. Missing Link became the film with the worst income studio Laika so far, even Missing Link became the worst opening film of all time ranked twelfth. Or can we actually see that the failure of Missing Link is a proof of reduced audience interest in stop-motion animated films? Not a bad movie but Missing Link is just a normal animated film.

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