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I’ve never played Monster Hunter, let alone know the gameplay. Whatever the story may be, I believe it is richer than the film adaptation, which Paul W. S. Anderson directed and wrote. But in contrast to the Resident Evil series which imposes a complex storyline without adequate writing, Monster Hunter was originally intended to be a pure spectacle to sell battles against giant monsters. Unexpectedly the results were satisfying, reminiscent of the beginning of the director’s career, when he gave birth to a row of fun brainless titles.Top Movie Site

After being trapped by a thunderstorm, Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and his troops are stranded in New World, a world filled with wild monsters. One by one, they died, leaving only Artemis. Artemis’s efforts to survive get help from a monster hunter (Tony Jaa). The hunter has no name, and credit simply refers to him as “Hunter”.

Next, for approximately 103 minutes, Monster Hunter has practically zero stories. Really. I’m not exaggerating. The only thing that comes close to the definition of “story” is Ron Perlman’s brief explanation, that Artemis was not the first person to get lost in New World. But regarding the cause of the opening of the portal connecting the two worlds, the origin of the magic sword capable of producing fire given to Artemis, as well as other mythological details, are completely untouched. Best Movie

But again, the shallow plot is intentional, as one proof that Anderson understands what the majority of his target audience wants. They want to see monsters, monsters and monsters. That’s what Anderson gave: human battles against monsters in daylight, coupled with the use of a lot of wide shots, so that the form of the giant creatures was clearly visible, and of course, massive. Even though it only costs $ 60 million, the CGI quality is quite capable. As a result, the subterranean monster Diablos’ attack, to the climax of a fire-throwing dragon named Rathalos, are all manifestations of blockbuster kaiju glory.

Anderson this time did not just throw the action. The stewardship is not just “big”, it also creates intensity, each of the protagonists’ lives is threatened, even though we all know that he will survive. Apart from the kaiju film, Anderson also applies a survival action-horror formula, especially in the first act, when Artemis, with a body full of wounds, is still unable to fight back against the monsters that attack him. Jovovich is still a very reliable action star, looking convincing when slaughtering a monster hundreds of times his size. Unfortunately, her chemistry with Jaa failed, where some of the humor that was aimed at refreshing the atmosphere ended up awkward. It was not Jovovich or Jaa’s fault. The script is also responsible. Well, anything related to the script in this film never ends positively. Movie Review

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