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After Sony Picture had announced the Spiderman spinoff for the development of Spider-Verse stories through the film Venom, now Sony Picture is once again stealing the attention of fans by bringing back characters who will fill Sony’s SpiderVerse slots. Yes, the character is Morbius The Living Vampire. Here are some reviews related to Morbius The Living Vampire.

Dr. Michael Morbius was a biochemist who won a Nobel prize as his dedication. Morbius suffered from a blood scarcity disease. Not wanting to make his fiancé, Martine Bancroft, worried, he began to conduct a series of experiments for and to treat his illness. Top Movie Site

With the help of his coworker, Emil Nikos, they used vampire bats and an electric shock system as experimental material.

However, this experiment failed and surprisingly Dr. Michael Morbius turned physically into a vampire. At that moment, his bloodthirsty desire peaked and made Emil Nikos the first victim of Morbius.

Morbius was involved in a battle with Spiderman. But their battle was interrupted by the presence of Dr. Curtis Connor, who turned into Lizard. Morbius managed to escape, but had a chance to bite Connor and accidentally returned the Lizard to its human condition. On the other hand, Peter Parker also suffered from a condition which caused him to obtain an additional arm. This made Dr. Connor and Spiderman realize that the blood from Morbius could restore their condition. They finally worked together and tracked down Morbius’s whereabouts. Finally Morbius got into a fight again with Spiderman and Lizard. Eventually, they obtained Morbius blood extraction, causing Lizard to return to his human body and Peter Parker to lose his extra arm. Best Movie

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Morbius is not a true vampire. The condition he experienced was a result of a trial error not because of something mystical.

As Morbius The Living Vampire, the power he possesses is a manifestation of several vampire powers in general, including:

Morbius is able to regenerate rapid healing (Healing factor) on the injuries it receives such as shots or scratches. However, this healing factor cannot regenerate organs. Movie Review

Morbius is able to make its prey a vampire if bitten by it. He is also able to control every vampire he makes.

Morbius has strength, agility, reflexes and speed far above humans in general. In addition, the sense of sight and smell are also very sharp. As a vampire creature,

Morbius also has fangs and sharp nails that he uses when fighting or tearing his prey.

Morbius was able to hypnotize his enemy through gaze. In fact he was able to fully control the enemy he was hypnotic.

Morbius is immune to religious artifacts such as crosses, silver objects, and does not burn when exposed to direct sunlight. However, Morbius must always drink fresh blood to restore his physical and mental stamina. If not, he will be weak and lose control. In addition, although he does not directly burn with sunlight, but his eyes and skin are sensitive if exposed to sunlight for too long.

Jared Leto aka Joker lined up to portray the character of Morbius The Living Vampire. This has also been confirmed directly by Jared through his Twitter account. The selection of the Joker to portray the character of Morbius received positive responses from the fans.

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