Mulan 2020 – Review

The film tells the story of a central figure named Mulan, a woman in China, played by beautiful actress Liu Yifei. Almost the same as the animated version, the main plot of the story is also still about the same problem with the cartoon version of Mulan. His country was attacked by the enemy, so the government asked the men of each family of citizens to step in and go to war. However, Mulan’s father as the only man in his family was old and it was no longer possible to go to the battlefield.

The obligation to defend his country, as well as Mulan’s love for his father, led him to disguise himself as a man in order to be able to participate in the battle to fight. The story becomes more exciting because he has to fight a female criminal named Xian Lang.

Xian Lang himself was an evil witch who collaborated with a villain named Bori Khan to take control of the Motherland that Mulan and his family lived in. At the end of the story, Mulan won the battle and brought her country to independence.

In addition to presenting many scenes of fighting and fighting full of flashes of swords and arrows that flew, the film Mulan also presents pictures of beautiful scenes of China in the past as well as the CGI effect in several scenes when Xian Lang showed his skill in playing witchcraft. Games Online dan Offline

Mulan 2020
Mulan 2020

The character of Li Shang did not exist in Mulan 2020. This caused a lot of controversy when this news surfaced. In the Mulan cartoon, Li Shang is described as a man who is able to make Mulan fall in love. So don’t be surprised if when you watch Mulan 2020 live action, Li Shang’s character doesn’t appear.

But certainly not Disney if the princess does not love someone. Disney did eliminate Li Shang, but Disney also added a new character named Chen Honghui. Chen Honghui in this film is a soldier. At first Chen did not like Mulan, even considered Mulan to be like a rival. But after learning the secret of Mulan’s identity which turned out to be a woman, Chen instead turned to like and fall in love with Mulan.

Before the film was released there was an appeal to boycott this film. This has nothing to do with Mulan, but because their main actress Liu Yifei expressed her support for the Hong Kong police on the Weibo Chinese social channel earlier this year which sparked controversy.

Hong Kong is experiencing a period of unrest triggered by a bill that will allow criminal suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to China. Protests against the bill took place in the country, even though the bill was suspended for now. The protests grew into broader pro-democracy, anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong which resulted in clashes between police and protesters.

Mulan film spent a budget of 280 million US dollars. This value is certainly not a small number. With such a large budget, the audience might have guessed how the effect and power of the film will be displayed.

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