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Murder Death Koreatown is found footage without credit. There is no other director, writer, cast, or crew name. That said, the film was arranged based on a collection of videos recorded by a man. The man disappeared. And at the end of the duration, whoever “discovered” the footage, edited it into this film, and refused to be revealed. OK. I understand the filmmaker wants to strengthen the impression of realism. But we are in 2020. It has been 21 years since The Blair Witch Project rocked through a similar gimmick. This phenomenal horror has two sequels, none of which adopt a similar approach, because the people behind it realize that the tactic won’t work a second time.

Murder Death Koreatown tried too hard to look real. His efforts failed, especially when the film has actors with prone acting abilities that are far from realistic. When he cries, I want to give him a punch in the face rather than a pat on the shoulder as an expression of compassion. I want him to fail in his investigation. Best Movie Site

What investigation? So, our protagonist (call it “Maman”), who lives with his girlfriend (call it “Sri”), is aware of a murder case near their apartment. The case involved a Korean couple, in which the wife killed her husband. Maman feels the awkwardness in the case. With his cellphone camera, plus poor interviewing skills (plus socializing), he investigates, goes around the complex in search of evidence and witnesses.

Maman insisted, even though Sri had tried to convince that there were no oddities. The murder was horrifying, shocking, but what Maman considered odd, could be explained properly. I agree. Maman failed to convince me to participate in the investigation, because from the beginning there was nothing interesting. And Maman the late detective’s trip is very boring (at least in the first half). He just goes around, interviewing people who don’t give meaningful information. Repetitive.

Even in what order, some random slipped records, starting from the tantrums of a racist woman in a minimarket, a few seconds when Sri was running around in a room wearing underwear, and others. Is that an attempt to strengthen the realistic impression? Or limited effort to buy time? Movie Review

During the duration of only about 80 minutes, Murder Death Koreatown really likes to slip non-essential events. For example, when Maman asked the help of Sri’s co-workers to translate Korean writings that he found on the walls and used chairs, which he believed were messages, aimed specifically at him as a clue to solve the case. Maman bothered to bring the translator to the location, even though he already had stock records in the apartment. That film did only for the sake of showing if the writings disappeared mysteriously.

Is the disappearance of the writing and other irregularities really true, or is it only in Maman’s head? The question that is more often raised when the plot touches the supernatural realm, when Maman is sure if the soul of the murder victim tries to communicate with him. Through his introduction, Maman claimed he had just lost his job, and even the business of applying for a new job has not produced results. Maman feels like a failure. For him, the success of the investigation will restore significance in its existence. But the opposite happened. The further Maman traces, the more he sinks into an unhealthy obsession that disturbs his soul. If only Murder Death Koreatown explored the psychic dynamics more properly. If only Maman was played by a more capable actor.

If only, instead of spinning around in investigative reps when it was broad daylight, the films would often dwell on night terror. Because that’s where the advantages. Even a shot that captures empty space causes discomfort, as if something could hit us anytime from behind the darkness. Low resolution video also contributes to building the atmosphere.

The peak achievement of the director (whoever he is), is a moment around the last 20 minutes. Still armed with minimal lighting plus footage “cheap”, came the horror that forced me to keep the distance from the screen until the film was over because I felt “threatened”. The horror that is achieved without the help of noisy music that usually accompanies jump scare. It means saved potential. There is a first-class terror, which is unfortunately buried too deep. Or maybe the reason Murder Death Koreatown was made was only to facilitate the creation of the scene? I have no idea. Maybe Maman is willing to investigate this one mystery. Top Movie

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