Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown – Review

Documentary films always have their own fans. Watch it as if the viewer is invited to watch the incident itself, which is not distant from reality. Well this time Netflix will broadcast Murder to Mercy‘s latest documentary: The Cyntoia Brown Story, about a woman who was found guilty above the law.

The film from the United States was directed by Daniel H Birman, which also involved cinematographer Joel Winter. In this documentary, Birman describes the incident by extracting crime and how the judicial apparatus is tasked with finding a way of justice. Top Movie Site

Murder to Mercy : The Cyntoia Brown
Murder to Mercy : The Cyntoia Brown

Birman, the director, along with the film seemed to highlight the complexity of humans in a cold courtroom, where wrongdoing and punishment were sued for a sense of justice. The story in this documentary is a 16-year-old young woman named Cyntoia Brown who had to undergo trial, where she was accused of being guilty. His underage age makes him considered by his problematic case. Best Movie

Cyntoia must serve a prison sentence after committing murder of sexual predators, where Cyntoia is a sex worker herself. From his case the prosecutor also questioned the error and the concept of justice delegated only by seeing the incident itself, rigid and procedural. From the Cyntoia case, it is sought that justice can change as dynamic humans do. Cyntoia must serve a life sentence in which her mistakes were questioned.

The film itself seems to be a documentary, offering evidence that Cyntoia is one of the victims of a generation damaged by adult sexual crime. The Murder to Mercy documentary: The Cyntoia Brown Story is 96 minutes long. Well, how about the full picture? Don’t miss it! Movie Review

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