My Spy (2020) – Synopsis

The film My Spy is a film directed by Peter Segal. The film was played by Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal, Ken Jeong, Greg Bryk and Nicola Correia-Damude. Games Online dan Offline

This film tells the story of a CIA agent named JJ who got demoted. After that he felt his life changed dramatically when he met a 9-year-old girl named Sophie.

My Spy (2020)
My Spy (2020)

Sophie who was smart realized that her family was being watched by JJ. Sophie found a hidden camera in her apartment. With the intelligence she has, Sophie looks for where the surveillance operation is.

Finally JJ has to spend time with Sophie and teach the little girl to be a spy, in return for not opening a front.

This film will present exciting action from a CIA agent with his hilarious behavior with a smart little girl. It is suitable to be watched with family.

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