Nakee 2 – Review

Nakee 2 became a public talk after posting a new history in the Thai film industry. On the first day of airing, Nakee 2 earned 1.5 million US dollars

Nakee 2 tells the story of Sroy (Urassaya Sperbund), a girl who lives in the village of Don Mai Pah. Sroy helps his grandmother sell flowers to serve as worship for the statue of Nakee, aka the queen of dragons. One day, a drunk man came to the temple where the statue of Nakee resided.

While saying an expletive, this man committed an indecent act. Sroy, who warned, was strangled. Tragically, a few days after the incident this man was found dead with stomach contents spilled. This tragedy made the villagers excited.

Unlucky fate also befell a group of teenagers who pose while touching the statue of Nakee. They were found dead hanging from a tree branch. From the pocket of one of the victims, a pile of photographs was found. In a photograph, the camera captures Sroy’s appearance on the temple door. Residents accused Sroy of masterminding the murder. PongPrap police captain (Nadech Kugimiya) is investigating this case. The series of killings then dragged a number of names: Kumkaew (Taew Natapohn), Tatasapol (Ken Phupoom Phongpanu), and Lumjhiak (Lukkana Wattanawongsiri).

Nakee 2 is a trip Games Online dan Offline consisting of several phases. Each phase presents a different atmosphere. The first phase is the introduction of a number of main figures and supporters, colored by many jokes especially the polah of two PongPrap subordinates. Moments of chasing a suspect was wrapped in laughter. On the other hand, there is a spark of chemistry between Sroy and PongPrap on a shy level.

The second phase shows more horror in the form of visuals of those killed following the alleged mastermind behind the killings. The laughter began to recede while the aura of horror rose. Horror is built through the form of victims, blood and organs in the body that are scattered. Cinematography only presents results, not causes. Chemistry of female and male main characters is still used as a side story.

The third phase shows whether or not the prejudices in the minds of residents and spectators are correct. The horrors fade, replaced by visual performances plus action with attractive colors. Then, we see the progress of the relationship between the two main characters and a number of other figures. There was an unexpected twist, there were appearances that ignited question marks, and of course relief. A clear character and firm character in each act is the main attraction of Nakee 2.

In one film, we feel three different sensations with character growth that feels intense. Another factor of Nakee 2 exploded in Thailand, which could be a theme close to the public White Elephant Affairs. Gods and goddesses believed to be hereditary, packed with nuances of folk legends while questioning the mythical facts surrounding the existence of the Goddess. Discussions related to myths and facts have the potential to become tangled. But filmmakers Off Pongpat were able to mediate the possibility of this conflict.

The storytelling starts with two things that are most attached to the human heart: love and family. The effect, the linking of myths, facts, and beliefs that are supposed to feel heavy becomes lighter. The packaging of each round also represents the genre that is favored by the audience namely comedy, horror, and a dash of action. Apart from the visual effects that are certainly inferior when compared to Hollywood manufacturers, the courage of Off Pongpat and the team in the final round deserves appreciation.  

In our view, these elements paved the way for Nakee 2 on the steps of the Thai box office. Not to mention, the two main characters are very lovable. Young, handsome, rational, and determined police officers uncover the veil of mystery. On the other side there is a beautiful girl, an orphan, very fond of grandma, and firmly defends the honor of the gods. It seems, there is no audience who does not fall in love with this kind of story

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