Night in Paradise – Review

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Impressive filmographic capital (I Saw the Devil, The Unjust, New World, The Wtich: Part 1.The Subversion) as a director and / or screenwriter, made Park Hoon-jung’s latest work, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival this year. 2020 ago, just look forward to it. A dark, nihilistic crime drama, about a group of individuals familiarizing themselves with death. It seems that when the bloodshed has resulted in many deaths, Jeju Island, which is known for its peace and heavenly beauty, appears even thicker than the darkness of the night. Top Movie Site

Thanks to his experience, Hoon-jung knows how to produce a film with the theme of the gangster world, and what are the elements that make this genre one of the identities of South Korean cinema. The world is like a wild forest. All are prey to each other. Whoever shows weakness must be prepared to die. Also, no deed (good or bad) goes unpunished.

So when Park Tae-goo (Uhm Tae-goo), a gangster member, finds his older sister and nephew killed by an opposing gang, what he does afterward is like a natural legal process. Tae-goo draws a knife at the gang boss’s neck, in a sequence that marks the first time the audience has witnessed the bloodshed in Night in Paradise. Of course it is far from the last. Best Movie

For his safety, Tae-goo was sent by his boss (Park Ho-san) to Vladivostok, Russia. Previously, he had to stop in Jeju for a week, awaiting further instructions. That’s where Tae-goo meets Jae-yeon (Jeon Yeo-bin), a cold-tempered girl who is seriously ill. His uncle, Kuto (Keone Young), intends to take Jae-yeon to America for treatment, which will increase his chances of recovery, from under 10% to close to 20%. Not a promising number.

Night in Paradise contains people who have reached a dead end in their lives, then choose to surrender to the current instead of fighting their way to the surface. Jae-yeon and his illness, while Tae-goo later finds out that due to a betrayal, his life has become the target of Director Ma (Cha Seung-won), one of the leaders of the opposing gang who intends to take revenge. Both of them may no longer care about their own safety, but what if they involve other people? Movie Review

That statement was uttered, along with character exploration through a long series of interactions and minimal explosions, which might be boring for those who come for the brutal action parade of gangsters. But for viewers who can appreciate acting, Night in Paradise appears quite captivating. Uhm Tae-goo and Jeon Yeo-bin represent the humanist side of the story, bringing to life the dynamics in the interaction of two pessimistic humans.

Meanwhile, Park Ho-san and Cha Seung-won came from the side of the black world, carrying out their respective roles through opposite attitudes typical of gangster stories. While Ho-san is a sycophant who justifies any means (reminds me of his character in the drama Hush, only without the comedy flavor), Seung-won is a cruel and intimidating figure. The conversation between the two seemed to present gravity that drew strong attention to him.

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