No Mercy – Review

No Mercy film opens with a scene of a woman wearing a red shirt and red high heels entering a car repair shop. Upon entering the garage, she found and dragged a large hammer (like the one on the poster) while continuing to walk in. She arrived at a repaired car. A man is under the car. The woman in red asked if the workshop owner was there. When the person who was fixing the car answered that he was the owner of the garage, the woman in red immediately attacked him with the hammer she was carrying. Games Online dan Offline

In-ae (Lee Si-young) is released from prison. She is very happy to be able to meet his younger sister Eun-hye (Park Se-wan) who has mild learning difficulties. In-ae misinterprets Eun-hye’s reluctance to go to school as a normal teenage rebellion, little aware of her sister being mercilessly oppressed by the delinquency that has handed her over to their friends.

Forced to participate in deception luring employees to the next hotel to rob or blackmail them, Eun-hye just wanted to go home but was eventually kidnapped by the immoral gangsters they were targeting so wrongly.

No Mercy (2019)
No Mercy (2019)

Worried when Eun-hye didn’t return to the house or answer the phone, In-ae wore a dress and pretty red shoes she bought and also went looking, quickly realizing something that wasn’t wanted had happened to her sister.

The teenage girls run away and usually they go back alone, the police logic explains a little care that Eun-hye is a vulnerable teenager and also In-ae has evidence showing that she has been kidnapped by thugs. If In-ae wants her sister to return, she has to do it herself.

Eun-hye finds herself handed over to the dumb politicians by them. She in turn considers her right to rape as proof of her status, her position untouched and also has the right to violate the strongest taboo without fear of its effects. In-ae doesn’t have all that.

She wants her sister back but also she wants to give lessons to terrible men so they stop treating women. In-ae has no mercy for those who exploit.

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