One Piece : Stampede – Review

In this latest film, One Piece: Stampede presents dozens of iconic characters who had appeared in the previous series. Many memorable encounters ranging from enemies to other characters throughout the film. All thanks to the Pirate Expo event created by Douglas Bullet.

The presence of Games Online dan Offline the Pirate-themed carnival became a title that seemed to raise the rhythm of the story in the film. Suddenly dozens of characters that we had known throughout the series appeared on the same island. In fact, the antagonist trapped them to meet the Navy who summoned his three best Admirals.

The atmosphere that was gradually chaotic intertwined with interesting characters. In contrast to other One Piece films, Stampede is able to bring a quite realistic trait. The tension between the pirates in this film is very pronounced and conveys a good story. Imagine being able to watch the chaos of a One Piece war on the big screen!

The presence of the antagonist named Douglas Bullet in this film is arguably increasingly making conflict gradually exciting. First, the audience could feel his cunning character when trapping dozens of pirate crews to fight with the Admiral.

Douglas has a crazy idea to immediately put an end to all of his rivals to become the Pirate King and Navy at the same time. You certainly can imagine how chaotic the Pirate Expo that took place.

In the film, Douglas has a sidekick named Buena Festa who is a scene stealer. To bid on Douglas who is aggressive, Buena Festa’s characteristics appear quite witty. The synergy they form makes the party titled “From pirates, to pirates” this seems funny, riot, and very exciting.

On paper, the power of Douglas Bullet is arguably unique and overpowered. Even so, this character does not appear too strong just to be defeated. Thanks to crazy ideas and temperament and good character development, Douglas became the antagonist character in the film which was quite memorable.

If examined, the formula in Stampede still uses the same story premise. Luffy and his friends will be confronted with a strong overpowered character to be defeated with all their might.

Even so, One Piece: Stampede is very different because it presents a conflict that invites many iconic characters. In the film, there are many exciting conspiracies and interesting events. All like tribute to the main series and arouse its own nostalgia.

Towards the end of the story in the film, you will find a pretty symbolic ending. Douglas who can only be defeated by the Pirate King finally defeated with Luffy’s fist. At first glance, Douglas was stunned that Luffy did have the quality of a Pirate King which was reflected in the unique features of the film.

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