The Way Back – Review
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The Way Back – Review

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Apart from the Batman costume, Ben Affleck returned to play a dark man who was injured as a result of past tragedies. But when The Caped Crusader was one of the actor’s most disappointing works (although he was convincing as Bruce Wayne with a physical appearance like the live version of the legendary Batman action series: The Animated Series), The Way Back was one of his best performances. Maybe Afflect does not need a mask to perform optimally, as the characters in this film, who need to open themselves to move from the “black hole”.

Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, a construction worker who drowns himself every day in alcohol. After work he stopped by the bar, in the bath he brought a can of beer, while at work he secretly equipped himself with liquor. His wife, Angela (Janina Gavankar), left him and has now rearranged his life by getting a steady job and meeting a new man. Unlike Jack, Angela does not look at the world through a dark perspective. Top Movie Site

What makes Jack have that point of view? Slowly The Way Back will reveal it. The reason for Jack’s destruction, as well as other things such as the process of redemption to the element of sports drama that the film has, is actually a cliche. But Brad Ingelsby’s manuscript, which was later translated by directing Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, The Accountant), tried to distance himself from the cliché approach by suppressing dramatization, which allowed the audience to conclude independently, shocking and painful facts surrounding his character.

Jack is a drunkard, but I can empathize with his ignorance, with how frustrating when you are falling, people just routinely throw criticism, asking, “Why did you ruin your life? Why don’t you get up? “, Without understanding the pain. Moreover, his wife left him. Of course Angela is not mistaken. He was injured. He deserves to improve his life. But undeniably, it made Jack’s condition worse.

This is where Ben Affleck’s acting contributed. Playing subtly, Affleck is not imitating pain through outward appearances. As if the pain really eats away from the inside, creates a fragility that doesn’t make the audience hate it. We want him to rise, including when Jack was offered to train Bishop Hayes Catholic High School basketball team, a place where Jack was once known as one of the best players among students.

As I have already mentioned, The Way Back also permeates the clicheness of sports drama. Like Jack, Bishop Hayes’s condition was in ruins. Down on achievements, the quantity of the team is limited, while the players do not have adequate discipline. The direction is predictable. Both parties will awaken each other. The problem is, there is no intimacy between Jack and his foster children. Their interaction outside the match and discussion of tactics is so limited, to be able to make the audience feel bound, then support their actions on the field. Best Movie

Gavin O’Connor is indeed capable of processing drama elegantly, but it is not a matter of sport. The sequence of training, not to add insight about basketball, not even entertaining and igniting adrenaline. Likewise, the match, which is mostly only filled with short pieces of insignificant moments, such as a series of highlights where the footage is not selected. O’Connor failed to make the audience melt into the tension of the action chasing each other scores.

The Way Back could continue along the formulaic route, stopping at a point that most films would use as the pinnacle of its character’s glory. Instead, Brad Ingelsby carried his story on, making the film look like it had a fourth act. The decision was made as a form of rejection of simplification of the psychological dynamics of the grieving individual. If you choose the conclusion according to the formula, The Way Back will only make the protagonist chase yesterday, depending on “the good old glorious day”. But “the good old glorious day” is only used as a foothold to enter the true glory. Jack peered at the sweet side of the past to face the bitterness of the past, returned to a better old figure, then tried to move forward. Movie Review

Trolls World Tour – Review
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Trolls World Tour – Review

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Trolls World Tour brings joy so the audience can be taken away for a moment from the dark world. Film that gives hope, that the industry still has the option to survive, or even evolve with the changing times. There is no better mascot than Trolls World Tour, with its colorful floods, glitter showers, and imaginative visuals. The story takes us to follow the situation after the first film, as well as peering into the history of the trolls in the past. Once upon a time, apparently there were six types of Trolls who liked different music genres. Together with them there are six strings that represent each type of music, and when put together will produce extraordinary power. The problem is, differences in tastes create divisions, so the six trolls choose to live separately, with each carrying a string.

Now comes Barb (Rachel Bloom), the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls clan, who wants to master all the strings, in order to unite all the Trolls under the sole auspices of rock music. As the Queen of Pop Trolls, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) refuses to remain silent. Helped by several friends, including Branch (Justin Timberlake) who secretly put their feelings for him, Poppy visits the Trolls one by one, to warn them about Barb’s evil intentions. Top Movie Site

Of course Poppy’s trip was just an excuse made by the scriptwriting team, so that the film could show as many types of music and trolls as possible. After meeting with Country Trolls led by Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson), the substance of the road trip began to be questioned. But there is no question. Just enjoy the music of various genres, accompanied by rows of character designs and unique world concepts, in the visual richness of director Walt Dohrn, who increasingly shows his charm every piece of music is played.

The Hard Rock Trolls area is messy and dominated by black, Classical Trolls seem heavenly, Pop Trolls are colorful, and so on. It is interesting to see how the Trolls World Tour artistic team conjures up stereotypical elements into imaginative scenes, which in addition to satisfying the eyes, are also useful in strengthening comedy, which often delivers laughter through musical-themed humor. Not an intellectual joke full of references, but ridiculousness, for example when Guy Diamond (Kunal Nayyar) the glitter troll made an auto-tune voice, who “gave birth” to Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson), a hip-hop troll who, though still a baby, was stylish and had a stylish. deep voice. Best Movie

“That’s not music” is Barb’s response to the digital techno style and the absence of lyrics in the classical style. While Poppy said, “They must not know that music is supposed to make you happy. That’s awful. “, After hearing the wistful chanting of the Country Trolls. Tickling insinuations about the exclusivity espoused by music fans, especially snobs (whatever the genre), are the most interesting ingredients in the film’s story. More interesting and sharp than the cliché message about “music comes from our hearts” that fills its climax.

Although it does not have an original song as catchy as Can’t Stop the Feeling, and the intention to unite all music at its peak moment does not take place smoothly because it is still too inclined towards pop rather than emphasizing the strength of each genre, the line of songs of this film appears like a varied playlist of nan fun (as long as you are not a snob), which gives space for certain music fans, including smooth jazz, hip-hop, as well as K-Pop, which (like me), are satisfied by the brief appearance of the girl group Red Velvet through the Russian Roulette song (besides Zimzalabim which is used to accompany the trailer). Movie Review

The flow is indeed not dense, and reached the middle, the colors of the colors had felt repetitive. My brain is not stimulated or received an intake that is considered “nutritious”, but once the film is over, a smile appears, and this heart feels lighter, because cheerfulness and colors have not completely disappeared from the world.

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Tigertail, which marked Alan Yang’s directing debut after being known as the author of series such as Parks and Recreation to Master of None, divides his story in two time settings. In the past, cinematographer Nigel Bluck packed his picture with grainy texture to add the impression of “old film”. While the modern setting seems clear, even though the protagonist’s heart and mind are content, I’m sure it’s not as clear.

Pin-Jui (Tzi Ma) is the name of our protagonist. An old man who lives alone in America, after divorcing with his wife, Zhenzhen (Fiona Fu), while the relationship with his daughter, Angela (Christine Ko), is less harmonious. Pin-Jui is more silent in front of Angela. After he spoke, a curt statement of tone came out of his mouth, including when he opposed his daughter’s marriage to a man, who, according to Pin-Jui, was financially incapable. Top Movie Site

When Zhenzhen expressed his intention to divorce, Pin-Jui argued, that he should have been happy that many good clothes and cars had been bought during their marriage. But Tigertail isn’t (just) talking about “money isn’t everything.” Through a flashback, Alan Yang (also writing the script) brought the audience to visit the life of young Pin-Jui (Hong Chi-Lee) while still living in poverty in Taiwan with his mother, Minghua (Yang Kuei-mei).

Poverty breeds ideals, then ambition to get a better life. Pin-Jui wants to move to America. A land full of dreams, prosperity, and freedom. At least he thought. This ambition formed a misunderstanding of the way of life based on the drive to improve the lot and advice, especially from the grandmother who took care of Pin-Jui when she was a child.

This holiness produces selfishness. Pin-Jui unconsciously determines what the people around him want. Pin-Jui was upset when the mother refused to be taken to America. “Isn’t that what you want ?!”, he said. But it is not. That is Pin-Jui’s wish. Just like the nice clothes and car for Zhenzhen earlier. After decades, Pin-Jui finally achieved his ideals, which ironically, instead kept him away from loved ones, including his first and true love, Yuan (Yo-Hsing Fang). Best Movie

I don’t know when Pin-Jui and Angela’s estrangement began, but one of the seeds must have been when Little Angela made a mistake in a piano recital. Seeing her little daughter crying, Pin-Jui just acted hard. “Don’t cry!” He snapped, imitating his grandmother’s words to him decades ago.

Alienation, solitude, reality that betrays dreams. These elements were raised by Alan Yang as a description of the fate of immigrants in the United States. In fact, life in the land of dreams is not easy. Of course there will be an obligatory montage of Pin-Jui’s daily reps as shopkeepers, which will make us associate Tigertail with other films on the theme of “the rigors of life”. Indeed there is nothing new in this film.

Regarding the relationship between Pin-Jui and Angela, Tigertail also discussed the effort to open up. But the film itself is not very good at opening up. In the first half, the non-linear narration jumped up and down, at one point, the Pin-Jui narration suddenly appeared as the first person who was telling the princess, who afterwards was not heard again, resulting in ambiguity, whether Tigertail’s plot was a process of storytelling Pin-Jui to Angela or not.

Because of his selfishness, Pin-Jui is not too likeable, but slowly grows sympathy, so I began to imagine how painful and lonely the possibility of spending the last years living in solitude, while being overcome by remorse due to mistakes in making decisions. The word “if” must always be haunting. I also hope that Pin-Jui and Angela make peace. Of course it is not easy, although for the sake of heartwarming nuances, the conclusion is impressive. But it is not entirely wrong, because self-disclosure does open the door to peace. Movie Review

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown – Review
Movie Review

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown – Review

Documentary films always have their own fans. Watch it as if the viewer is invited to watch the incident itself, which is not distant from reality. Well this time Netflix will broadcast Murder to Mercy‘s latest documentary: The Cyntoia Brown Story, about a woman who was found guilty above the law.

The film from the United States was directed by Daniel H Birman, which also involved cinematographer Joel Winter. In this documentary, Birman describes the incident by extracting crime and how the judicial apparatus is tasked with finding a way of justice. Top Movie Site

Murder to Mercy : The Cyntoia Brown
Murder to Mercy : The Cyntoia Brown

Birman, the director, along with the film seemed to highlight the complexity of humans in a cold courtroom, where wrongdoing and punishment were sued for a sense of justice. The story in this documentary is a 16-year-old young woman named Cyntoia Brown who had to undergo trial, where she was accused of being guilty. His underage age makes him considered by his problematic case. Best Movie

Cyntoia must serve a prison sentence after committing murder of sexual predators, where Cyntoia is a sex worker herself. From his case the prosecutor also questioned the error and the concept of justice delegated only by seeing the incident itself, rigid and procedural. From the Cyntoia case, it is sought that justice can change as dynamic humans do. Cyntoia must serve a life sentence in which her mistakes were questioned.

The film itself seems to be a documentary, offering evidence that Cyntoia is one of the victims of a generation damaged by adult sexual crime. The Murder to Mercy documentary: The Cyntoia Brown Story is 96 minutes long. Well, how about the full picture? Don’t miss it! Movie Review

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Bad Education – Review
Movie Review

Bad Education – Review

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Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman), as supervisor of the Roslyn School District was able to bring Roslyn High School to the fourth place nationally, which increased property prices on Long Island, because parents flocked to send their sons and daughters there for the sake of opening the way to be accepted in the university ranks Ivy League. Frank was also an expert at motivating students, memorizing the names and classes they took, and also remembered that one of the students was the younger brother of an alumni. Frank always wears a classy suit, his hair is neat, his face is beautiful thanks to various treatments including plastic surgery.

Everything looks perfect for Frank and his environment. But it reminds us of several things: a) Nothing is perfect; b) Excessive ambition for perfection often results in disaster; c) There are always two sides to the coin. Top Movie Site

As a supervisor, Frank gets help from his assistant, Pam Gluckin (Allison Janney in another superior appearance), who is in charge of finance. It didn’t take long until Pam’s soul was revealed to be abusing that authority. He has a lot of luxury properties, and often goes on expensive vacations with family, even though he only gets what Frank calls “glorified teacher’s salary”.

Yes, Pam uses school fees for personal gain, then manipulates financial reports, which explain why the roof of the building always leaks even though the proposed maintenance costs are very high. Until a stupid mistake from his son, which Pam asked to renovate the house, provoked directors’ suspicion. They report to Frank.

Frank the impeccable supervisor. Frank, who looks good. Frank, who cared so much about his students, whether they were still in school or graduating. The face of the board of directors believes it. Hearing Pam’s actions, Frank was surprised. But really he did not know?

From here, the manuscript (adaptation of Robert Kolker’s The Bad Superintendent article), written by Mike Makowsky as Frank’s former student in the real world and living witness to the scandal, cleverly plays with his narrative choices. Because it is based on real events, it’s not spoiler if I mention Frank isn’t as holy as he seems. And I’m sure many viewers have already kissed the signal based on some subtle clues that the film is planting. Making Frank innocent at the beginning of the story was the right decision. When the truth is finally revealed, it does not function as a twist that will surprise the audience, but builds a dramatic nuance in the turning point of the story. Best Movie

That’s when the superintendent’s warm smile began to evolve into a pretty sinister grin. The charisma of the smile becomes intimidation, when Jackman, in one of the best performances of his career, presents rich acting in which both sides of Frank’s opposite can be presented as strong.

Bad Education
Bad Education

But how could Frank, with all his ingenuity, be able to reveal his crime? Do you remember in the first paragraph I mentioned about a student Frank recognized as the younger brother of his former student? His name is Rachel Bhargava (Geraldine Viswanathan). He is a member of a journalistic extracurricular club, who is assigned to write articles about building air bridges in schools. Rachel interviewed Frank, asking the supervisor to give a short comment. As usual, Frank tried to motivate his students. She encouraged Rachel to dig deeper into her story. Ironically, the urge dug Frank’s own grave.

Bad Education is indeed filled with irony and a sense of tragedy, which is also represented by Michael Abels (Get Out, Us) scoring, which occasionally implies a haunting impending doom, while at other times it sounds like the dramatic collapse of a cheating scheme. When Rachel submitted the first draft that highlighted the overcharging of the air bridge project, her writing was rejected by the club chairman, who then replaced the article framing to the enthusiasm of students welcoming the project. Often the image is more important than the truth. This is the result of the commercialization of education, both for the sake of thickening one’s personal pocket or prestige, which ends up destroying the essence of education itself.

Cory Finley as the director was able to bring Bad Education to move in a comfortable pace enjoyed, with the accuracy of the degree of dramatization. The success of handling true story-based films with a cereal approach might be an achievement for filmmakers who take their names through black comedies such as Thoroughbreds (2017), proving the extent of Finley’s reach in the work. Movie Review

But like me, maybe you will feel there is a lack of seasoning in this film. Bad Education takes a middle ground, intending to balance the elements of investigation (especially the message about how a small investigation in the form of a student newspaper is able to uncover a big scandal that is horrendous to the country), with a focus on Frank’s personal side. Unfortunately, none has reached their full potential. The intensity of the investigation failed to peak, it also seemed ambiguous whether we were invited to sympathize with Frank, to curse, or both. Bad Education has never been completely clear. Pure treat dramatic, or dark comedy (although there are efforts to target the second form).

The Half Of It (Netflix) – Review
Movie Review

The Half Of It (Netflix) – Review

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One quote in The Half of It which reads “Doesn’t everyone think they’re different? But pretty much we’re all different in the same way “can be applied to such films. Is The Half of It a love story? Yes and no Is the packaging new? Some yes, some no.

The second film director and screenwriter Alice Wu after making history through Saving Face (2004) —a first Hollywood film with a Chinese-American central figure for more than a decade — is still a romance. It still involves a number of adolescents who (secretly) like each other, though not entirely, because the conclusions themselves try to reach something broader. There is freshness related to the way he handles love triangles, although now, romantic comedies that tend to be gentle rather than explosive in expressing taste, are simple rather than festive, displaying everyday people rather than beautiful, glamorous figures, are starting to create a new generality. Top Movie Site

Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) is a typical protagonist of today’s romantic comedy. His appearance was not feminine, alienated from the social environment, an exemplary student, though fortunately, Wu’s writing and Lewis’s appearance made him not so glamorous. Does not feel the aura of misery, although he still has a pessimistic perspective also skeptical. Ellie did not believe in God (which gave birth to some humor that sneaked at religiosity including the extraordinarily amusing chaos in the church towards the end of the story), nor did she view love logically.

Ellie used her intelligence to do business. He received the services of writing philosophical papers for his classmates. When Paul (Daniel Diemer) asks him to write something else, namely a love letter for Aster (Alexxis Lemire), a beautiful girl trapped in a relationship with a stupid alpha popular male, Ellie asks, how can Paul love someone he never interacted with directly.

Love doesn’t have to be logical. We can love someone we don’t really know. Even after meeting Aster, you will understand why Paul could fall in love. She was beautiful, her smile seemed to spread kindness, and most importantly, she was broad-minded. It is easy to sympathize with Aster, who has a stupid boyfriend, also a fake love letter that evokes false hopes, that there is a smart and kind man who can steal his heart. Best Movie

But Ellie wasn’t completely wrong either. Love is also a matter of knowing each other. Without it, there would be no connection, like what happened to Paul and Aster on a messy first date, where sucking up a milkshake was more often done than exchanging ideas.

The Half of It is not a treat teen angst. And because it has a queer protagonist, it doesn’t mean the film has to be full of messages as a protest-oriented spectacle. Alice Wu treats LGBT elements “only” as one part of the journey of teenagers looking for identity.

The Half of It wants to appear as realistic as possible, despite Ellie’s soaring popularity after a simple performance on stage, clearly not a form of realism. Also saving the problem is directing Alice Wu. Lack of explosions, tenders, which is a good intention to bring more intimacy, although often, the director is too busy playing visual symbolism, while trying hard to suppress the expression of taste so that the film does not have a mainstream face. But one point that shows the success of Alice Wu’s sensitivity lies in the ending, when for a few seconds, along with her character, we are invited to absorb peace in the moment. Like the moment seizes us, absorbs us into its existence. Movie Review

Becky – Review
Movie Review

Becky – Review

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A family that lives in a house located near the forest, then visited by an intruder who attacks the peace of the family. How many times has the story been repeated, repeated again, and repeated again. Whether the reason for the intruder is just to rob, to kill, or to find a mysterious key like in Becky, it is a story that is difficult to recycle. Top Movie Site

Therefore, the entire film must stand by the performance of every actor and actress in it. Becky, the main character, is a child who is 13 years old and played by Lulu Wilson. As for the criminal group, it is led by a Neo-Nazi Dominick who is surprisingly played by an actor who often plays comedy, Kevin James.

The film opens with a parallel life between the two. Becky was being mobbed by her schoolmates and being bullied, while in a prison Dominick, an inmate, was watching a group of people who were crowding around two people who were still busy fighting. Then Becky is picked up by his father, Jeff (Joel McHale), while Dominick is picked up by a prison bus and both are on the streets. Best Movie

Becky and his father stopped at a petrol station, and the bus carrying Dominick and other prisoners stopped because the passengers rebelled. And finally they met in a few more moments, when Becky had returned and Dominick had managed to hijack the vehicle to get to Becky’s residence. So far nothing has really caught my attention. Becky was initially seen as a typical annoying teenager, he ignored his father and stole sweets. But apparently the frustrating behavior was reasonable. His mother had died some time ago, and he was angry with his father because of that.

Every time I see teenagers who rebel, there is always a fine line between annoying and indeed I understand. Becky is thankfully not annoying because I understand why he behaves so. Especially after arriving at his old home, Jeff had just told him that he invited his girlfriend and fiancé, Kayla (Amanda Brugel) and her son Ty (Isaiah Rockcliffe), which made Becky sad and upset.

Becky’s life was falling even more chaotic when a group of foreigners infiltrated their homes. This group of criminals, who call themselves “Brotherhood”, consists of Dominick who becomes the leader; Cole (Ryan McDonald); Hammond (James McDougall); and Apex (Robert Maillet), a burly and giant-sized man who apparently has a conscience more than his criminal friends. Movie Review

Kevin James as a criminal did surprise me, because every time I saw him I always remembered him as a big security guard at Paul Blart: Mall Cop. But here he is, with bald hair; a large Nazi emblem tattooed behind the head and a thick beard, looking much different from the appearance I normally see.

Seeing Kevin James as a sadistic villain is the main attraction of this film, but the one who holds the course of the storyline is Becky, a blond haired girl who hasn’t even reached 15 years old. When the bad guys were infiltrating the house, Becky was in a small cabin near the house. So he has a unique position.

Becky is a very sadistic and brutal film, something I didn’t expect. There is a level of sadism that I tolerate because I anticipate it, like let’s call it John Wick: Chapter 3 or Kill Bill. But if I do not anticipate it, then usually I will feel shocked and that is what happened to Becky. And the brutality is always related to Becky’s character.

The Hate U Give – Review
Movie Review

The Hate U Give – Review

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The film is based on a novel by Angie Thomas with the same title and tells the story of the struggle of a girl who lives in two different environments. Starr (yes, with two “R”) is quite a different person compared to his other friends. Starr, played beautifully by Amandla Stenberg, was born and raised in a slums and dangerous area, but his parents send him to a prestigious school. Schools that certainly students will go to college after graduation, instead of being damaged because of fights, drugs and pregnancy out of wedlock. This makes Starr must guard desperately some values ​​that have been instilled by his father since childhood. The balance is obligatory, until one day Starr met with his childhood friend, Khalil (Algee Smith). Top Movie Site

In a media screening event held by 20th Century Fox at Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, the audience was given two footage from the film ‘The Hate U Give‘. The first snippet is when Starr and his brother are given advice by their father about how they will have to behave, then time is progressing until Starr has become a high school kid. At this very moment Starr introduces us to the environment where the people live. A black environment that seems quite unpretentious even though there is a big threat from a drug lord whose character is played by Anthony Mackie.

The second trailer is when Starr meets with Khalil. Those who hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and had a great chat at a black party. Unfortunately, their meeting was so chaotic due to the shooting that everyone in the party burst out. However, Starr and Khalil casually left the place using Khalil’s car. Best Movie

In a short shot in the car, they continued their conversation while discussing rapper Tupac’s old songs, until in the corner of the street Khalil parked his car to talk about more intimate matters to Starr. Unlucky, when the conversation was over, the police car came and asked Khalil to show proof of driver’s license and vehicle registration. But Khalil’s gesture which was considered to have taken a weapon by the police, caused him to be shot dead by the policeman. In the official trailer that was also played later, at first glance it appears that the impact of the shooting finally had a long tail. Mass riots between white police and black residents were inevitable and confronted with each other. The film was directed by George Tillman Jr. (Faster, The Longest Ride) and starring Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Issa Rae, KJ Apa, Sabrina Carpenter, Common, and Anthony Mackie. Movie Review

Lost Girls (Netflix) Review
Movie Review

Lost Girls (Netflix) Review

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From the beginning to the end of the film, Lost Girls hold the audience with a story that is wrapped in dark and cynical shades. The film never once stopped in telling its tragic and piercing story. We, for 95 minutes, are guided with a certain but sure to uncover what really happened.

Lost Girls, for those who don’t know it, tell the true story of the serial killer on Long Island, New York. In this film, we are told by a mother named Mari Gilbert (Amy Ryan). She worked in two jobs at once, namely in the construction sector and as a waiter in a food stall. One day, she realized that one of his children, Shannan Gilbert, had disappeared. Top Movie Site

Shannan had not lived with his mother because of a problem that had be fallen them. Shannan lives with his girlfriend while Mari with her two daughters, Sherre (Thomasin McKenzie) and Sarra Gilbert (Oona Laurence). She was initially convinced that Shannan was fine, but after there was no news, Mari and her two daughters began their efforts to find Shannan and find out what really happened.

Watching Lost Girls, I remembered Denis Villeneuve’s film, Prisoners, which was released in 2013. Both of them told stories of parents trying to find their missing child. But that’s all the same, and the rest are different. If the main character in Prisoners looks fierce and ferocious to find the truth, it is different from Mari Gilbert.

Mari Gilbert is a mother who is always busy. She is no longer married, she has two jobs, and one of her children, Sarra, has a disorder and must always consume the medicine. “I don’t like the medicine. It makes me sleepy, “Sarra said. “It also keeps you from burning tissue in the bathroom,” Mari answered after picking up Sarra who was suspended from her school.

The problems and busyness that happened to him made Mari a very complex character, and fortunately Amy Ryan was able to highlight this complexity (before this time I only knew her from the sitcom The Office). He was able to capture the emotions of Mari, a mother who would do everything to find her child. He was angry, he raged, he overflowed his emotions, but he also could hold back and think what was the next best step.

Best Movie

Lost Girls don’t just rely on Amy Ryan to carry the story. In the hands of Liz Garbus – director who usually makes documentaries – Lost Girls are able to process the story slowly but surely. By utilizing the small city environment and Long Island, which is predominantly filmed only by forests and beaches, the film feels very intimate and close to the story that it presents.

When Shannan’s disappearance case was already excited, it was revealed that Shannan was a prostitute, something his family had not yet known. Not only that, the police who were busy searching for Shannan’s whereabouts found several corpses on the Long Island coast, adding to the excitement in the case. And after investigation, the bodies that were discovered apparently had the same profession as Shannan, adding to the evidence that this could all be done by one person. Movie Review

What makes Lost Girls interesting is how they treat the victims. Yes, their work might be very heartbreaking, but this film does not treat them like objects. The film honors the victims by telling them how the victims’ families struggle to find the truth. Mari also unites with the families of the victims to both find Shannan who is still missing.

In this film, the police are seen as something slow. This is not a procedural police film in which the police begin investigating. No, this is a procedural anti-police film – if the term really exists – where it is not the police who investigate but the families of the victims. Seeing Mari, along with other victims’ families, taking the initiative to investigate and interrogate anyone who was in the range where Shannan was last seen was very hopeful even though the tone of the film went dark.

Mari not be described as someone who is silent. He will do whatever he does to meet his daughter, but not with emotion or ferociously and aggressively. He was still calm, he was still thinking about what he should do. Helped by other victims’ families, Mari and her two daughters tried as best they could what had happened to Shannan.

In the end, this film does not have an ending. This is a film from a true story where the case is still confusing, until now. However, this film does not focus on killing or with the killer, this film focuses its attention on the victims and their families, how they will get through this problem together. Lost Girls will creep into you while the film is running, and this film will hit you when you least expect it.

Green Book – Review
Movie Review

Green Book – Review

Being citizens of the United States in the 60s, racial identity was still more or less inherent from both inside and outside. The film titled “Green Book” tells about the concept with a narrative of friendship that is very riveting. Movie Review

Tony Lip alias Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen), a famous bouncer club in New York who is of Italian descent, still has prejudice against certain races. He considered himself a white man who did not have to obey any rules or orders. His shrewdness in quarrels and fights led him to become a man known in the New York nightclub. When the club where he worked temporarily closed for renovations, Tony did not have a permanent job and his former boss recommended him to apply to become a doctor’s driver. It turned out that the doctor in question was not a medical officer, but a black man with a doctorate who was also a famous jazz musician. Best Movie

Doctor Shirley (Mahershala Ali), as he is usually called, wants to tour the southern US region which is known for being very racist. Tony was demanded to not only be a driver, but a bodyguard and road manager from Doctor Shirley. Tony must comply with the ‘Green Book’ which contains places that can be visited by black residents.

Green Book
Green Book

Being someone of African-American descent in that era means obeying the existing segregation rules. Most black people also understand this rule whether written or not and they spend most of their lives serving the needs of Caucasian Americans.

Tony Lip realized this and Doctor Shirley realized that he was only valuable to white people when he appeared on stage. Both have personalities that are opposite of each other’s typical races. Tony is not educated and often uses harsh words.

Whereas Doctor Shirley has a degree in psychology and a genius musician. Even so, in the eyes of US citizens, they are still judged on the basis of their skin color. Both are involved in a journey that involves a lot of conflict, racial tensions, to unpleasant treatment. Top Movie Site

“Green Book” is a drama that distorts all prejudices and stereotypes attached to certain races. Directed by Peter Farelly, this film presents a conflict that actually does not involve outsiders but rather shows the inner conflicts faced by each character. Does being a black man in that era have to like the music of Aretha Franklin? Does being a white man mean that he has to enjoy jazz and fancy dinner parties? Mahershala Ali and Viggo Morstensen truly performed amazing acting and were able to convince their audience through their gestures, dialogues and facial expressions. No wonder “Green Book” won many film award nominations including the Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA, and will most likely be included in the Academy Awards nominations as well.

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The Darkest Minds

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The Darkest Minds add to the long list of dystopian films taken from the novel. Honestly, I’m not very enthusiastic about waiting for this film. The situation might be different if the film was released 10 years ago, when the movie dystopia was busy again. And now, The Darkest Minds comes with the premise of superhuman strength. Can this film show its strength to be able to look different between similar films that have similar story patterns? I still have hope. When I watch this film, I get rid of all the assumptions that previously came to mind. The result? Best Movie


The Darkest Minds tells the story of a group of super-strength teenagers who are hunted by the government. Yes, instead of having a fate like P-Man who always gets full support to eradicate crime, the youth consisting of Ruby, Chubs, Zu, and Liam are actually considered a threat. Ruby (Amandla Stenberg) who managed to escape from the detention camp then met with Liam (Harris Dickinson), Charles “Chubs” (Skylan Brooks), and Suzume “Zu” (Miya Cech) in the middle of his escape. The four then plan to go to a place where people who have the same fate as them can survive.

I wonder what is in the minds of producers when they will adapt the novel The Darkest Minds (TDM) into the film. The concept of the story offered actually has the same premise as some similar films which are also based on novels. The concept has been present in several dystopic film sets in the world such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. Even if you look at the final results of TDM, this film reminds me of Divergent.

How not? Like the Divergent, The Darkest Minds also have the concept of human classification based on status. If Divergent divides its population by faction, TDM divides super-powered children through the level of color classification. Starting from Green at the bottom which is considered not so dangerous, going up to Blue which is considered to be slightly dangerous, going up again to Gold which is considered quite dangerous, then to the level of Red which is considered very dangerous, and the peak ends in the Orange color considered the most dangerous. Movie Review

Can you guess which character the Ruby is in? Yup, orange! By placing the main character as ‘the chosen one’, the cliche pattern can be seen. I even grinned to myself when there was a dialogue between Ruby and Liam that analogized that Ruby was the same as Harry Potter, because they were both ‘elected’ figures.

If you want to compare it further, the concept in this film is similar to Katniss in The Hunger Games, Tris in Divergent, and Thomas in The Maze Runner who also hold the role of ‘important’ as the main characters in their stories.
The film goes slow and long-winded. The premise of a simple and lightweight story is actually executed with a convoluted. Top Movie Site

The issue of equality is in the spotlight that is often reviewed lately in the world of Hollywood cinema. TDM also included this element of equality without exception. But unfortunately TDM also raised a number of things that were analogous in describing the character’s characterization. The concept of multiracial is still added to the theme ‘it’s okay to be different’, which seems to be a symbol of equality for LGBTQ groups because it is often considered different in society.

In other words, The Darkest Minds indirectly wants to try to lift the minor things behind the theme of the story. One positive thing that ended up backfired because it finally felt like a stereotype. For information, The Darkest Minds consist of five novel series: The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In The Afterlight, Through The Dark, and The Darkest Legacy. With all the questions hanging in the first film, who knows what this is intended as a bait so that the audience is interested in the next film.

Movie Review

Mortal Engines – Review

Adapted from a novel by Philipe Reeve of the same name, Mortal Engines takes hundreds of years since the collapse of civilization. Humans live in “steampunk” cities that can move like giant vehicles. In a world where sophisticated technology is a scarce item, the lord of the city of London, Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving), plans to utilize the technology of the past he found for his personal purposes. Our protagonist, Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) and Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheenan) in collaboration with rebel Anna Fang (Jihae) are trying to thwart the Valentine’s plan which could destroy human civilization for the second time. Top Movie Site

Promoted by selling the name Peter Jackson, the Oscar-winning director this time sat in the chair of the producer and writer along with the writers of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, namely Philipa Boyens and Fran Walsh. Meanwhile, the director of the film Mortal Engines is Christian Rivers, a storyboard artist who also worked with Peter Jackson in the LOTR and King Kong trilogy.
Directed by a storyboard artist, Mortal Engines from the very beginning has spoiled the eyes with an extraordinarily magnificent visual of a very interesting steampunk world. It’s great to not watch this “scene” on the biggest screen.

The film opens with exciting scenes when the city of London as a city of predators chasing smaller cities in search of fuel and human resources. This scene is reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road, which even the drum beat on his scoring also sounds like George Miller’s scoring. Mortal Engines also follows the current film trend, which is full of cool female characters and casts from various races. It is undeniable that these female characters steal the show because they are shown as strong women. Especially Anna Fang (Jihae) who looks really cool like an anime character or a video game. Best Movie

The Mortal Engines film set in the post apocalyptic era raised the theme of the adverse effects of misuse of technology by stupid humans. It’s like criticizing us humans who live in the present. Sophisticated technology does not guarantee the intelligence of its users.

As a result of the misuse of technology, human civilization was destroyed and returned to the point where humans are very dependent on machines, without electronic devices. Smartphones are artifacts and Minion sculptures are masterpieces of fine art.

The film Mortal Engines also illustrates that humans who have never learned from history are the main villains of world civilization. When Thaddeus Valentine should be aware of the dangers of ancient technology that he discovered, he still wants to use it for selfish purposes.

Besides containing the issue of misuse of technology, the film Mortal Engines also contains the issue of colonialism by Europeans, especially the British who colonized for natural and human resources. The city of London which is very powerful as a city predator hunts down cities like a small country to drain its resources.

Uniquely this colonialism was shown as an arbitrary but relatively not so cruel act. When London ate the small towns, many of its inhabitants were happy because they could live under London’s more advanced rule for a brighter future.

Then, when all the resources have been dredged, the eyes of the people of London will turn to areas where the population lives peacefully like in Utopia, namely Shan Gao. Having abundant resources and protected walls like China, Shan Gao is like representing Asia in this film.

With satisfying visuals, world building, costumes, and acting as well as interesting issues, Mortal Engines films have great potential for success like the films of Peter Jackson. But unfortunately, none of that was able to cover up the weaknesses of this Christian Rivers film.

Mortal Engines failed to explore the characters to make the premise that is quite simple feels boring. Cheesy and mediocre backstory presentations fail to reinforce and explain the motives of some important characters that make them easily forgotten. One of them (not a spoiler) was felt when Shrike, who was like a Terminator, appeared. His motivation that fails to be explained properly makes this potential character end up confusing. This film seems overwhelmed to translate all the pages of the novel by Philip Reeve into a two-hour film. Movie Review

The film is also made worse by scenes that have a market-oriented dialogue at crucial moments. While the scene should function to create emotional and epic moments, this mediocre dialogue and scene actually fails to climax. This weakness makes the movie Mortal Engines not so memorable and leaves mixed feelings. On the one hand we are amazed and curious about the visuals and the world building. On the other hand, the main character who lacks imprint fails to be an attraction if later the sequel is made (considering the film is adapted from a novel trilogy).

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Movie Review

The Tree of Life – Review

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Understanding life is not something easy. Even though we live on the same earth, each person has a different perspective on life itself. Childhood experience will probably remain imprint until death and that is what happened to Jack (Sean Penn). Top Movie Site

When he was little, Jack (Hunter McCracken) saw this world from the eyes of his mother (Jessica Chastain). Everything looks beautiful and loving. As Jack grows older, his father (Brad Pitt) begins to invest in an education completely different from what he got from his mother. Everything that initially looked beautiful slowly began to fade replaced by gloom.

When Jack was an adult, this childhood experience turned out to still imprint strongly. Jack loses grip. The world has changed, but something inside Jack seems to remain shackled. Slowly but surely Jack began to understand life itself from his perspective. He began to forgive his father who had been hated by him and slowly walked down the path of his own life.

This film The Tree of Life is not just telling stories. In addition to telling the story of Jack’s inner journey until he entered adulthood, there was a message to be conveyed by Terrence Malick as director and scriptwriter. And Malick was quite observant in conveying this message so as not to be seen patronizing with a series of dialogue and narration. Best Movie

The message conveyed by Terrence Malick is actually not a message that is far from everyday life. What Malick tells is what happens in every human life. Inner turmoil, search for identity, and turmoil when all the values ​​that were invested as a child began to become a pile of questions. Interestingly, Malick was able to pour the story in a very beautiful way without the impression of patronizing.

Without having to undermine the reputation of Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, this film is Hunter McCracken’s film. This little boy is playing so natural, not at all memorable acting in front of the camera. It is said that this is the first acting experience for Hunter McCracken. At the same time, Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain also played very brilliantly, although unfortunately the character played by Sean Penn did not seem well tilled.

As a bonus, Terrence Malick, tells this story not only with a series of dialogues. Dialogue is not the most part of this drama. Visual and background music actually play a very important role in the narrative of this life story. Movie Review

Movie Review

Zombieland Double Tap – Review

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A decade since the first Zombieland was released, and finally in 2019, Zombieland Double Tap came out and became a sequel to the evolving zombies. Top Movie Site

Still the same as Robin Fischer as director and ranks of the same cast namely Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson).

After the quarrel between Columbus and Wichita caused a rift in the family that caused Little Rock to run away with a foreign man, they had to reunite to find Little Rock and improve their family relations. By facing new types of zombies on their way, they are forced to set up strategies to meet with a great zombie hunter known as Nevada. 

The Double Tap essay may feel far from its original originality which is full of magic, but this reunion still has a lot of fun in terms of comedy and chemistry. On the other hand this cliché story actually makes it difficult for Zombieland to expand its land, and fill the coffers of its universe with interesting potential. Like it or not, telling the truth from the bottom of your heart has become rule number eight on the list. In this chapter Columbus et al. forced to fight their fears back, in order to interpret the word ‘house’ that they had been looking for. Best Movie

A decade does not seem to bring much change / meaningful development for these veterans. Even the presence of a new generation of zombies does not bring the story to a higher level. The story tends to ‘talk a lot’ instead of inviting us to reminisce with laughter. Luckily, the sarcasm that was put forward could still shake the stomach. Yeah, even though some of the joking material doesn’t fit the Indonesian style.

Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock still have a good closeness and cool, but can not convince me that they have been through hard life in Zombieland for 10 years. Strong characterization is the savior of that part. Some new characters like Madison, Albuquerque to Flagstaff are surprisingly able to attract / distract during the story.

Unfortunately, the presence of Elvis as a substitute for Twinkies was unable to give a distinctive color like the previous chapter. But at least the reason the group returned to the streets is no longer because of a snack.

If you can enjoy the little things, I guarantee you can enjoy the show in Zombieland. As a fan of this franchise, I am also entertained again by the deadly duet Harrelson & Eisenberg. One of the best duets in the list of undead-themed apocalypse films! And, they are very worthy to get more challenging and spectacular action.

Zombieland Double Tap is increasingly served with many stars, blood and brutal zombies, but still gives the audience warmth with meaning in this film. Starting with lots of boring slowmo scenes, portraying this film will be boring and apparently true. The storyline in this film is too bad, no one stands out in this film, the conflict was not as deep as the first film. Walking with the conflict of a father who lost his child, the film focuses on that goal, but its execution is not quite right. There was a side story that was added but instead made the film even more boring. Movie Review

After 10 years of separation, the four characters are reunited. Chemistry to the 4 characters is still still well developed and the same as 10 years ago. The description and introduction of each character are the same. We still enjoy the characteristics of each character. The visuals that were aired this time were more brutal, more blood, but unfortunately the zombie scene was still lacking. Added to the comedies that allude to some other zombie films, it’s quite interesting, but unfortunately there are some comedies that seem only casts know the comedy.

Finally, this film is enough to provide a lesson about a father and son, which in the end we can still enjoy this film with family.

Movie Review

Dora and The Lost City of Gold – Review

Under the direction of James Bobin as director, the live-action film ‘Dora And The Lost City of Gold‘ comes as a family movie that is entertaining, fun, and full of tense challenges. The duration of two hours, this film invites the audience to adventure while showing the figure of Dora who grew up as a teenager. Besides being agile and smart, Dora has a magic backpack that can accommodate her various needs, maps and camping gear, and Boots the blue monkey as a travel companion.

The excitement of adventure goes hand in hand with a story full of family and friendship. Make it suitable as a film that can be enjoyed by families, and also children. Top Movie Site

The film ‘Dora the Lost City of Gold’ opens with Dora and her cousin, Diego, who goes exploring in a forest. The musical accompaniment ‘Dora The Explorer’ reminds the cartoon version of this film. After running and jumping together, they returned to reality in a toy car and acted like an adventurer.

Under the tutelage of Elena’s mom (Eva Longoria) and Papa Cole (Michael Pena), little Dora (Madelyn Miranda) grows into a teenage Dora (Isabela Moner) who is ready to solve the mystery of ‘Parapata’, a place filled with gold and luxury. However, her parents actually want Dora to grow into an educated city girl. That’s when the real adventure has just begun.Long time no see with his cousin, Diego (Jeff Wahlberg), making the two distance from each other. Plus Dora never stepped on the city, Diego went to great lengths to keep Dora active and cheerful.

On one occasion Dora, Diego, Sammy (Madeleine Madden) and Randy (Nicholas Coombe) and other school friends went to visit a museum. Dora’s adventurous spirit is then hooked to find out all sides of the museum. His innocent nature, did not make him suspect that he was being trapped back to the forest, chasing his parents to chase Parapata. On the way to escape with her friends, Dora is assisted by Alejandro Gutierrez (Eugenio Derbez) to get through all obstacles in the forest. Friendship and betrayal began to appear in each plot while penetrating the hidden ‘Parapata’. Not forgetting also the presence of Boots, as a blue monkey who helps him in every difficulty and Swiper the fox errand boy to steal the road map. Best Movie

The film ‘Dora The Lost City of Gold’ has a different story from the cartoon version so far. A deeper adventure and a more stressful storyline make this film an entertaining touch through Dora’s laughter and innocence while living in the City.

One of the plus points of this film should be pinned on Isabela Moner. Being a lead actress as Dora, Isabela brought it with fun and fun. Seeing him always feels great energy and is full of curiosity. His acting was as shiny as his predecessor films as when playing in the film ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’, as Lizzy in ‘Instant Family; and or as Isabel in ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’.

Worked very well, including visuals and plots that are easy to follow, Dora and The Lost City of Gold became one of the adventure films that meet expectations. Movie Review

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Movie Review

Cold Pursuit – Review

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Cold Pursuit is actually a debut for director Hans Petter Moland in Hollywood. He remakes it from a Norwegian homemade thriller. It is titled Kraftidioten (in English entitled: In Order of Disappearence). Which was released in 2014 ago. And received a positive response from critics. Top Movie Site

In this 118-minute film, Moland takes Liam Neeson as the main actor. And Laura Dern as the supporting actress. The two seasoned stars become a married couple. Interestingly, in 1993, Neeson and Dern were directed by the same director. Namely Steven Spielberg. But, in two different films. Neeson starred in Schindler’s List. Which then won the Best Picture Oscar. Whereas Dern plays at Jurassic Park. Which was the best-selling film of all time.

The story of Cold Pursuit itself focuses on the figure of Nelson “Nels” Coxman. A snow sweeper at a luxury ski resort. Which just got an award as Citizen of the Year. In Kehoe, Colorado. However, only a few days after his coronation as the best citizen, Nels’s life suddenly changed. He found his favorite son dead. As a result of a heroin overdose. Best Movie

Nels became frustrated. He then tried to get revenge for his son’s death. By hunting down and eliminating members of the drug cartel. Led by a psychopath: Trevor “Viking” Calcote (Tom Bateman). In Denver, Colorado.

The Cold Pursuit shooting process had actually been done in March 2017. However, because of various obstacles, the film could only be released two years later. Namely in February 2019. This became one of the Liam Neeson films that the longest distance between shooting and release.

One obstacle: Cold Pursuit did not get permission to film in Banff National Park. Which is located in the area of ​​Alberta, Canada. Local government does not allow. Because one of the antagonists, named White Bull, is said to be a Canadian Indian. The White Bull actor, Tom Jackson, actually, had a chance to help negotiate with the Canadian government. However, his efforts were deadlocked. Finally, the Cold Pursuit shooting location had to be moved outside of Banff National Park.

The problems experienced by the USD 60 million budget film, apparently, did not stop there. Ahead of its release, the red carpet premiere event, which was originally held on February 5, 2019, had to be canceled. Because of Liam Neeson’s controversial comments a few days before. Which is considered by some to be racist comments.

Fortunately, these problems did not prevent the Cold Pursuit going. After being released in America on February 8, 2019, critics gave quite positive responses. Especially, for its cool and brutal action scenes. Although the plot looks like Taken at a glance, where Liam Neeson beats the criminals blindly, Cold Pursuit is considered to offer something different. Namely dark humor. Which will provoke the laughter of the audience.

Therefore, this action-packed comedy action movie, in fact, is too bad to miss. Especially, by fans of Liam Neeson. Because the 66-year-old opa has stated: Cold Pursuit will be his last action film. Given his age that is getting older. Movie Review

Movie Review

The Mule – Review

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The figure of Leo Sharp, a horticulture expert and also an 87-year-old war veteran, was the subject of discussion when the story was raised by the New York Times in 2014. It was not an achievement that made Sharp get media attention, but his expertise as a cocaine courier for drug cartels in the Detroit, Michigan area. , United States of America.

The Sharp case that is somewhat phenomenal, helped draw the attention of Clint Eastwood to make the 88-year-old actor and director interested in making Sharp’s story the inspiration for his latest film titled The Mule. With a row of class A actors such as Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia and Dianne Wiest, The Mule presents a story full of moral values ​​that can make the audience pensive, to return to think about the extent to which they have utilized this life.

Earl Stone (Clint Eeastwood), a Korean war veteran who also works as a horticulture expert, had a very pleasant youth. He spent a lot of time to work, traveled almost all states of the United States, and enjoyed his profession as a plant expert. You could say Stone is so in love with flowers (maybe more than his love for the family). Not without reason, despite living a life with high mobility and having a good social life, Stone is considered to not prioritize the family. Divorced from his wife, Mary (Dianne Weist), to his daughter Iris (Alison Eastwood) who no longer wanted to communicate with her. Top Movie Site

Relationships with families that do not get along make Stone trying to pay for all his mistakes at the moment of the marriage of his grandson, Ginny (Taissa Farmiga). Like a tit for tat, Stone’s desire to please the family found a bright spot when he was offered a job as a courier. Without knowing what objects he had to deliver, Stone, who in his life had never been ticketed and was free from criminal records, did his job well. Stone always manages to deliver packages that he later found out to contain cocaine. Wages that are commensurate make Stone live his profession without complaining. Even Stone operates in its own way. Even though it always doesn’t arrive on time, all the cocaine packages always arrive at their destination without the police kissing them. Even Stone’s presence could increase the amount of cocaine distribution which previously only reached dozens of kilograms per month, to 200 kilograms of cocaine in a month. Best Movie

Despite having a genre of crime, drama and thriller as a whole, the film The Mule is more dominated by drama and how a 90-year-old man sees life today. There are many allusions to life in the digital age and racist jokes that are interestingly able to be presented through the humor that invites laughter. In addition, advice from Stone when meeting with Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper) can also be a suggestion that should be contemplated by the younger generation. The Mule has its own power in the scenario, how some of the conversations presented can provoke the audience’s emotions to shed tears, or maybe reflect on one’s own life.

Glancing at the shortcomings, this film has a less gruff story, especially for those of you who expect criminal action, because to be honest, overall this film is more focused on the value of life and the turmoil of relationships within a family. So for those of you lovers of movies full of crime, The Mule might be boring. As for connoisseurs of previous Eastwood works (Gran Torino, Trouble with the Curve) The Mule will easily enter as one of Clint Eastwood’s favorite works.

The figure of Clint Eastwood is arguably one of the legendary filmmakers who is still actively producing quality work. At the age of 88 years Eastwood’s appearance in the film The Mule looks so brilliant and satisfying. His acting still implies the actor’s charisma that is timeless in eating age. And for those of you who like Eastwood’s works that are full of family stories, then the film The Mule can be an interesting choice that is a pity to miss. Movie Review

Movie Review

Mother – Review

Nothing can stop a mother’s love for her child. That seems to be what Director Bong Joon-ho wants to convey through Mother. The film, released in 2009, has made Bong Joon-ho’s name as director long before Parasite. Top Movie Site

The film Mother tells the story of Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja), a ginseng peasant woman with acupuncture abilities who have lived a widow for many years. His current life is only accompanied by a son, Do-joon (Won Bin), who, despite being 28 years old, still often sleeps in the same bed with him. It’s nothing, when compared to other adult men, Do-joon has a little emotional backwardness in his daily life.

Even so, Do-joon lives his days like an ordinary person. Although not approved by his mother, he often gathered with Jin-tae (Jin Goo), an unemployed man who was a good friend of Do-joon. Together, they often visit the bar, get drunk or do various other useless activities. The problem comes one night, when Do-joon and Jin-tae promise to meet in a bar, but until the early hours of the morning, Jin-tae has not shown the bridge of his nose. Finally, while drunk, Do-joon is driven out by the bar owner.

On his way home, Do-joon then follows a girl who looks scared. Had tempted the girl for a while, but ended in rejection, Do-joon finally chose to go home. The next day, it turns out the girl has been found dead in a house last night that Do-joon passed by the girl. Unfortunately, some of the evidence found at the crime scene, shows that Do-joon was the perpetrator of the girl’s murder. By using certain techniques, the police finally succeeded in getting Do-joon to sign an acknowledgment that he had killed the girl. Best Movie

Not accepting that his only son is being arbitrarily treated, Hye-ja finally takes every means to free Do-joon. The method of contacting several well-known lawyers in the area, to collecting evidence to show that the child is innocent is done by Hye-ja. Slowly, Hye-ja finally manages to find the trace of the girl’s real killer.

Mother showed the bad habits of a number of people in real life, such as often oppressing weaker or disadvantaged people, bullying others because of boredom and just for fun, and looking at the eyes of underprivileged people.

The ugliness of the law enforcement system such as not providing assistance to those in need, not conducting investigations properly, as well as the workings of lawyers, were also criticized through the film.

Another thing that makes this film interesting is the depiction of a gray situation like in real life. Black and white, good and evil all depend on the point of view. Not everything that looks good will help. And vice versa, not everything that looks bad is always evil.

Mother also has beautiful and detailed cinematography. deserves thumbs up. This film also has an unusual initial scene and is actually able to make the audience feel uncomfortable and start thinking things that could happen next. The background music that is played also sometimes feels absurd and can increase the tension of the film.

Bong Joon-ho for the umpteenth time I was amazed because Mother is a neat unity. Each scene at the beginning or middle turns out to have a new meaning revealed at the end of the film.

Kim Hye-ja’s acting ability as a parent is unquestionable in this film. Her totality resulted in a number of Best Actress trophies, including awards such as the Busan Film Critics Awards, Golden Rooster Awards, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and many more. Jin Goo also performed so well despite only appearing in short duration. This is evident from a number of award trophies that were brought home for being the Best Supporting Actor version of the Grand Bell Awards, and the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Won Bin also displays the figure of a child with mental problems in this film. Movie Review

Overall, Mother is a film that still feels real and is very related to the current life situation even though it was released 11 years ago.

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Movie Review

The Platform – Review

The Platform‘s achievement as the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness or the most popular film at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival seems to be enough reason to watch and not miss this film.

The debut film by the Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia carries the theme of social inequality through portraits of fictional stories in a prison that is packaged with quite interesting. Top Movie Site

Prison style like this tower is not only filled by criminals, but also those who volunteer to achieve one wish. Every occupant in the prison is also permitted to bring anything but only one, whether in the form of sharp weapons or pets.

Fried entered the prison voluntarily in exchange for a diploma after he was released. When he first entered, he chose only to bring the supplies of Don Quijote’s book and placed in cell no. 48, which also indicates the level of the room. He was placed with Trimagasi who was there on charges of murder.

This prison feeds its inhabitants once every 24 hours and is sent via a platform that moves from top to bottom through large holes in the floor and ceiling. Those who live in the top room, have the ability to take more food portions and in good condition.

Meanwhile, the lower the prisoner is, the less food left by the people above. They only consume the leftovers from the top chamber and have to endure hunger if there is not a single piece of food left. The room will be very hot or cold if they try to hoard food after the platform leaves their level. Best Movie

Every month, the residents will be moved to another level randomly. If lucky, they can occupy the top level. While bad luck, they can occupy the lowest level.

Simply put, The Platform takes a picture of social inequality, as those who are under struggle struggle to survive from hunger to become ‘savage’. While those at the top wallow all the ‘luxury’ is filled with greed and greed.

On the one hand, this story also tries to talk about the depravity of a system until the emergence of a resistance movement. The wheel of human life becomes a special theme about how they deal with situations when they are at the top or the bottom.

Broadly speaking, the director packs this story with an interesting concept. The horror-thriller genre that was carried by Gaztelu-Urrutia was quite successful in making the emotional intensity of the audience dissolve. Movie Review

Unfortunately there are some details of the story that are not told clearly, especially about the figure behind the zero level who prepared food and the basic level of occupants. Not only that, the story, The Platform is made openly and submit interpretations to each audience. So, it could be the impression of this film will be very different between each individual.

For the record, this film contains sadistic content, violence, and adult scenes. In addition, it is better if this film is not watched while eating. After knowing the review of The Platform, this film can be watched streaming on Netflix.

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Movie Review

Walking Dead Tomate – Synopsis

Horror genre film, which is based on the culture of the Toraja people, “Walking Dead” Tomate. The film by Toraja filmmaker, Ekadi Katili Pongliku, was produced by Cinekadi Picture worked since December 2017. Top Movie Site

Most of the film’s cast are sons and daughters of Toraja. Even the main characters in this film are dominated by Torajans. The following is a brief synopsis of the film inspired by the story of the walking corpse, rambu solo, ma’nene..

Yuna’s report (Yulinar Arief) to Toraja should be the best coverage, because the results will be included in a photography competition abroad. While doing coverage in Toraja, Yuna invited Dewa (Iqbal Perdana) his best friend and Andy (Aga dewantara), a student majoring in culture from a university in Makassar.

In Toraja they are accompanied by a local guide, Kinaya (Donna Maliwa) who knows the ins and outs of Toraja culture. They attended several cultural events, such as Rambu Solo ’and Ma’nene. During the body dressing (Ma’nene) event, Dewa found the body’s necklace. Encouraged by economic problems and his mother who was hospitalized requires a large fee, Dewa tempted to take a necklace belonging to the late Grandma Limbong Bulaan (Deby Astuti).

After their return to the hotel, Dewa began to be haunted by something. Event after event experienced, until the god was found unconscious, even the body parts of the god began to blister like a corpse. Clara (Fifit Yani), the head of the coverage project, suggested returning to Toraja and returning the necklace and asking for help from “smart people” Om Sarungu, played by Frans Pongsamma.
In conditions that are getting worse can the gods survive from his actions? Best Movie

If you’re curious, maybe you should be patient, okay? Although the plan is to launch on April 16, 2020, but considering that COVID-19 is currently outbreaked, it is likely to be delayed. The film itself has been worked on starting in December 2017. So it’s been a long time. Proving that the director is really serious about working on horror films with this local wisdom.

Later you can see the culture of the Toraja people too. For example Toraja culture that respects the spirits of deceased ancestors, and culture of mutual respect between humans while still alive in the world. So it’s not necessarily a movie that makes the hair crawl, but Walking Dead Tomate also teaches some positive things to the audience.

In addition, in this film also tells about the phenomenon of theft of goods from people who have died. And indeed this is still happening today. So it’s not just bragging. Movie Review

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