Patients of a Saint – Review

Patients of a Saint, a film about a medical trial that ended in disaster. This UK-produced film is about a female prison located on a remote island near Ireland. Stone (Jess Chanliau) is a former US special forces prisoner for murder. At the start of the movie, he was offered to take part in a medical trial conducted in a building located in the jail.

While awaiting his death sentence, Stone insisted he did not want to be involved in the trial. While being taken to his cell, Stone was involved in a fight with another inmate that led to his being injured and receiving treatment in a medical room. While undergoing treatment, the medical staff was shocked by a strange case in which a male prisoner had a rather bizarre symptom that led to his death.

During Games Online dan Offline the night, Stone awoke from sleep and found the male prisoner suspected to be dead, still alive but in a strange and frightening situation where he was seen touching another female patient. Unable to move because he was searched in a bed, Stone was rescued by one of the wardens and the two of them almost became victims of the male prisoner believed to be a zombie.

From then on, the prisons that put the world’s most dangerous prisoners into a very scary place. One by one the zombies and Stone and the survivors have to find a way out of the prison.

Roughly, it has an aura like Britain’s popular zombie movie 28 Days Later. The level of greed, ‘dark’ and violence is unmistakable as the Danny Boyle directive. More interestingly, the zombies are so strong and fast that they make the audience uncomfortable. The only problem with the film is the plot and acting of the actors.

The ‘first act’ is very good, an easy introduction and a scary scene where inmates and wardens are attacked by zombies. However, upon entering the 45th minute, things got worse and worse. There is a lot of pomp in the plot and the story gets more horizontal. I’m not sure if this is the result of filming or not, but based on my observations, this movie doesn’t seem to go through the filtering phase because there are so many ‘gore’ scenes,

The film tries to incorporate a ‘plot twist’ into its storyline, but it’s weak and predictable. In addition, there are several inconsistent and questionable narratives. I don’t want to say further because it will cause spoilers, but if you appreciate the whole plot, you will be able to catch parts of the plot that are not paralleled and confused.

Among the disappointments of the film is the quality of its cast. Character appreciation is weak and does not match the character’s background. Stone, for example, has a character background in former US military specialties, but when confronted with a zombie attack, it does not address the strong characteristics of women. Also, there are some rather annoying characters like Warden Woodhouse who try to be ‘bad guys’ in the movie, but fail. Only the character of Butcher, an adult female prisoner for me was pretty good. Only to me, the ending was disappointing with a pretty weak and impactless episode.

Overall, Patients of a Saint is actually capable of delivering a vicious and scary zombie movie. But unfortunately, it is ruined by poor writing and poor quality acting. However, if you only care about the horror and want to see the human body in a zombie-like manner or love a head-on scene with sharp weapons, this movie should be on your watch list.

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