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The synopsis of the Korean film Pawn is very interesting to discuss. This is because, the presence of this film shows the South Korean film industry is starting to rise during this pandemic. The film Pawn is a direction from director Kang Dae Kyu.

Kang Dae Kyu previously worked with Ha Ji Won in “Duelist” and “Haeundae”. Kang Dae Kyu gives input to Ha Ji Won always showing great acting. Even Ha Ji Won can attract viewers’ hearts. Top Movie Site

The film Pawn premiered in September. The main character is Ha Ji Won who returns to the front of the screen after 4 years of hibernation. This film collaborated with CJ Entertainment in producing it.

Pawn’s success is a sign that Korean dramas are increasingly showing his existence. This is proven by Pawn’s success in reaching 1 million viewers per Friday Korean Film Council time. This film is the first to reach such an audience.

This film started in 1993. There is a man named Doo-seok. Deo-seok’s figure is a bit creepy. His gaze was like someone who would be intimidating.

But that’s just his posture. Doo-seok’s heart is very kind and gentle. In fact, rarely get angry with people. Whatever gets in the way is sure to be done without anger.

Doo-seok works as a debt collector. That job made him look creepy. However, this isn’t a big deal for Doo-seok.

In the synopsis of the Korean film Pawn, Doo-seok appears to have never heed the words of those around him. This is his life no one has the right to mess it up. He has a client named Myung-ja.

Myung-ja’s figure is very pathetic. He is one of the victims of illegal immigrants. Myung-ja gets deportation from South Korea. He only lives with his little girl named Seung-yi.


One day Doo-seok visits Myung-ja. He visited with the aim of asking for a debt bill. When Doo-seok collects, he doesn’t get a penny. Best Movie

It was precisely the shock he found. Because Myung-ja gave his son Seung-yi as collateral. Suddenly Doo-seok feels shocked and surprised. He can’t stop thinking about the treatment Myung-ja has with his little daughter.

However, in the synopsis of the Korean film Pawn, Doo-seok appears with a warm heart. With a soft tone and low voice, Doo-seok asks Myung-ja what really happened. Myung-ja explains everything coherently from the beginning to her current state.

A pity Doo-seok finally agrees to guarantee Myung-ja’s will. He takes Seung-yi home, hoping that he can take good care of Seung-yi.

The closeness between Seung-yi and Doo-seok is increasingly visible. Not only that, Seung-yi is also close to Doo-seok’s best friend named Jong-bae.

In the synopsis of the Korean film Pawn, Doo-seok’s fatherly nature appears. In fact, he has subconsciously replaced Seung-yi’s father. In his daily life, he tries to look after and guide Seung-yi like a real child.

Seung-yi is a little girl who hasn’t felt the warmth of a father’s embrace for a long time. Living with Doo-seok is the best way for him. Doo-seok is not his real father, but always shows his affection for Seung-yi.

Time after time passed. The days of fun passed. Seung-yi feels the presence of a father in his mind. The feeling of never ending comfort makes him think that Doo-seok is his real father.

This isn’t a big deal for Doo-seok. Every now and then Doo-seok tries to cheer up Seung-yi. Tells about interesting things about life. Doo-seok gives Seung-yi a lot of valuable knowledge.

Appears in the synopsis of the Korean film Pawn, the plot shows that Doo-seok is Seung-yi’s real family. While taking care of Seung-yi, Doo-seok always thought that this girl was his baby. His feelings are always haunted by turmoil in his brain trying to remember the past. Movie Review

This was revealed when Seung-yi returned to her mother Myung-ja. In fact, he tells Doo-seok the truth. This is the reason why Myung-ja has the heart to make Seung-yi a guarantee. He tries to get Seung-yi closer to Doo-seok.

How is the continuation and complete story of the Korean film Pawn synopsis? Watch it continue by watching the film Pawn.

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