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Plan B is in line with movies like Booksmart (2019), Unpregnant (2020), or the television series Never Have I Ever. The protagonist is an outsider teenage girl who has a crush on a popular man, a loyal friend who cares about the devil in the world, the awkwardness of first sex, a popular white girl as a rival for love. Sounds cliché.

In the hands of Natalie Morales as director and scriptwriter, Plan B is like a journey, where we stop at some familiar checkpoints. How we arrive at each checkpoint is unexpected.

Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) is a teenager of Indian descent who is foreign to things around sex. Maybe one of them is because of the poor education in schools. In a biology class, the teacher shows an old educational video that compares the female reproductive system to a car. “Women must maintain their virginity, because no man wants to ride in a used car.” That’s the message. No wonder Sunny opened a biology book only when masturbating using pictures of male anatomy. Top Movie Site

Only Lupe (Victoria Moroles) wants to be our protagonist’s friend. Opposite to Sunny, Lupe is a rebellious teenager. Dyed hair, pierced nose, black lipstick coloring his lips who like to smoke marijuana vape. Lupe suggests Sunny to hold a party at home, to attract the attention of Hunter (Michael Provost), the idol of his heart. The party starts, Sunny gets drunk, then loses her virginity.

Unfortunately, the first sex didn’t live up to Sunny’s expectations. Even now she is haunted by fears of getting pregnant. So Sunny, accompanied by Lupe, goes on a journey to get plan b aka emergency contraceptive pills. The journey seems easy, but of course a road trip brings the character to meet various obstacles, including encounters with various unique figures.

The less you know about “what” and “who” the better, because Morales offers a variety of scenarios to make this familiar journey full of twists and turns. The events that triggered Sunny to think that she could potentially be pregnant, until her fight with her best friend (which seemed a must for this kind of film as a second and third act transition), all came unexpectedly. And most importantly, funny. Especially Lupe’s figure. Best Movie

Watching it here, I’m sure Victoria Moroles’ career will skyrocket soon, at least on the indie and festival circuits. His appearance is funny, natural, and doesn’t get caught up in the stereotypical style of rebellious teenage characters (Morales’ writing also contributes greatly to this), which is identical to the angsty impression and deadpan acting style. Moroles are more expressive and warm.

Whereas Verma displayed understandable naivety. It was natural for Sunny to be so afraid of sex. He is a product of a conservative society, which views all forms of sexuality as taboo in the name of morality. A social order that actually corners women. Who is the most harmed by the inconsequential educational video above? Woman. Who will suffer the most when the sale of contraceptive pills is made difficult? Woman.

We see different fears when men and women are exposed to the risk of pregnancy. The man is worried about sin, which is finally cured because he believes that God is forgiving. On the other hand, if pregnancy does occur, it will be the public who will be the most vocal in judging the woman, who is certainly not as generous as God. What for men is an earthquake, for women it could be the end of the world.

Improving the education system is a major factor, but it certainly takes a long time. Plan B, through its touching finale, offers a simpler, but effective, initial solution. The solution lies in the hands of parents. This sentence from Lupe’s father (Jacob Vargas), perfectly sums it up. “It’s not my job to judge you, but it’s my job to be your dad no matter what”. Movie Review

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