Pokemon: Detective Pikachu – Review

The film is adapted from the game Detective Pikachu, so the focus of the story is the same as in the game that is tracing a case. Not only are you busy being a detective, you will see several identical battles in Pokemon series or movies.

The Games Online dan Offline story begins when a detective named Harry Goodman disappears mysteriously after a car accident. Harry has a son named Tim (Justice Smith), he used to have dreams of being a Pokemon trainer and living far from Harry.

The feeling of grief felt by Tim made him have to “solve it” in an unclear way, which was to take the train to Ryme City, a futuristic giant city (actually London financial district which is decorated with digital technology) where humans and their Pokémon friends live together in peace and harmony. When Tim is in his father’s apartment he is shocked by Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) who can talk.

Pokemon : Detective Pikachu
Pokemon : Detective Pikachu

Pikachu who can talk is a Pokemon partner from Harry. Pikachu reassures Tim that Harry’s death is absurd and something is covered up. Although reluctant, Tim agreed to investigate the matter with the help of a young journalist (Kathryn Newton) who also became a figure who would later be romantically involved with Tim, where the Pokémon was, hmmm, a giant duck that would emit mystical shock waves if it felt a headache.. Lucy also thinks that the death of detective Harry is odd.

Where exactly is Detective Harry? Is he still alive?

Overall, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu successfully brought the audience into the world of Pokemon live action by presenting references to the 23-year-old franchise. Indeed the lack of a deep story (especially because this film was made for children) is not the strength of this film. But it’s quite fun to bring younger siblings or children to watch the ‘real’ version of Pokemon on the big screen.

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