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In August 2020, the Netflix streaming site is back with an original film called Project Power. The film, which carries the theme of science fiction and superhero, stars a number of well-known Hollywood actors, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Fox, Rodrigo Santoro, and also Dominique Fishback. Top Movie Site

Project Power tells the story of a mysterious pill that is able to make its users get super strength with a duration of five minutes. Unfortunately, these pills are often used by people who are not responsible for committing crimes. This then prompts a local police officer, teenage drug dealer, and former soldiers to track down the mastermind behind the construction.

This film focuses on the search for the mastermind behind the spread of a super pill. One of the most determined figures to find out about this is a former soldier named Art aka The Major (Jamie Foxx). This was done by Art because the party that produced the super pill had kidnapped his only daughter.

After conducting an investigation, Art began to find a bright spot related to the organization through a teenager named Robin (Dominique Fishback). Robin is told as a teenager who trades the super pill with the aim of buying medicine for his sick mother. In undergoing this action, Robin is accompanied by a policeman named Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who protects him when there is a problem. Best Movie

When Robin is kidnapped by Art to find information about the source of the pill, Frank immediately finds out where the teenager is and saves him. However, Frank actually has other goals too. The problem is, he actually considers Art to be the mastermind behind the super pill which has resulted in many crimes in his city. The storyline of this film is even more complicated after this point.

The description above is arguably only a summary of the Project Power film plot, which is actually very dense and full of conflicts. However, the storyline is very short, even for a two-hour film. at the end of the film you will definitely feel ’empty’ because there is something missing after watching this film. One of the factors was the concept of a world possessing a super pill that could randomly assign power to the user. This definitely makes the audience expect that they will be presented with various cool super powers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t materialize in this film.

In Project Power, the organization that produces and distributes super pills is seen as a bad guy or a villain in the film. Behind the organization, there are three important figures in it, namely Biggie (Rodrigo Santoro), a bearded man named Wallace (Tait Fletcher), and doctor Gardner (Amy Landecker). Unfortunately, none of them seem to be the main antagonists of the film.

The figure of Wallace, whom Art first sought out, turned out to be only a member of the organization who kidnapped his son. Then, Biggie, who was thought to be the main villain, received a very small portion and only appeared until the middle of the film.

Meanwhile, Gardner might arguably be the mastermind behind the conflict in this film. However, again he is only described as a doctor who does experiments related to the super pill and doesn’t have any powers. This certainly makes the film’s absence of a fierce battle scene involving Gardner and the protagonists.

The absence of the main antagonist in Project Power also makes him feel bland because the peak of the conflict is less “nervous”. Apart from the concept of the film, which may want to portray the evil corporate conflict against the public, the presence of the main antagonist is quite important for films that carry the theme of action and superhero.

Despite a number of shortcomings in the film, Project Power still presents quite an interesting visual, especially when using the super pill. Every time someone took the pill, the scene would be made into a slow motion to show the strength of the pill. Unfortunately, this superpower visual moment is less pronounced in the film due to the lack of exploration of the characters using the pill. Movie Review

Broadly speaking, Project Power will be suitable to watch for those of you who like science fiction films that are peppered with non-stop action.

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