Promising Young Woman – Review

Cassie or Cassandra Thomas (Carey Mulligan) is a potential young woman, but mysterious and tragic events suddenly destroy her future. Now she is a child who dropped out of medical school. Shee lives at home with her anxious parents, and works on a coffee ship with a boss who is very caring and considerate.Top Movie Site

But her life is not what it looks like because she lives a double life, a trauma and a secret at night. When she was looking for a way to get revenge on those who got in the way of her life, an unexpected meeting had given her the opportunity to correct mistakes that had occurred in the past.

Emerald Director Fennell has crafted a narrative full of surprises, but rooted in the painful realism that too many women face in similar situations. Cassie is a crusader, but not an action hero. Her only superpower is her audacity, putting hundreds of men on the path to rightness through the shock value of her behavior.

Fennell draws upon her background as a horror novelist to present an entirely unique take on the revenge genre. Vengeance and justice constantly flirt with each other as Cassie tries to make up for the past. Promising Young Woman is often quite humorous, but never self-indulgent.

Mulligan fully immerses herself in Cassie, constantly challenging the audience to rethink their perceptions of the character. She’s broken yet driven, caught between her past trauma and the idea that someday she might be able to leave this all behind.Best Movie

Promising Young Woman
Promising Young Woman

Nice guy Ryan (Bo Burnham) serves as Cassie’s strongest contrast. A former med school classmate, Ryan draws out a side of her that previously lay dormant, much to the dismay of her parents (Jennifer Coolidge and Clancy Brown). As too many women know, moving on is tough when justice remains elusive.

As the showrunner for the second season of Killing Eve, Fennell displayed a knack for throwing expectations out the window. Promising Young Woman is full of twists and turns that flip the narrative on its feet, the kind of film that feels totally different the second time around. The story is largely driven by Cassie’s lingering guilt toward the fate of her friend Nina, a med school friend who saw her potential destroyed by nice guys and a world that couldn’t be bothered to care.

For better or for worse, Cassie cares. Mulligan gives such a nuanced performance that the audience can’t help but root for her character, even if it’s clear that she’s on an unhealthy path. Fennell structures the film in a way that explains her story without necessarily endorsing it. The cost of justice can often carry too heavy a price to pay. Movie Review

Music plays a large role in the film. Promising Young Woman draws upon the Spice Girls, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears to anchor its pivotal moments, party girls providing an epitaph for the morning after. The pop soundtrack is oddly empowering, tunes to dance your worries away, even if the pain remains when the beat stops bumping.

Promising Young Woman is a painfully honest commentary on the shortcomings of the #MeToo era. The world may feel different, but too many women carry burdens of trauma that the American justice system isn’t equipped to address. There aren’t easy answers, even for a girl like Cassie, who carefully plots each step. Games Online dan Offline

Vengeance can be all-consuming, tearing away a soul desperate to heal. Closure is an elusive concept that can’t be painted by numbers. Cassie is such a delightfully compelling character, a feminist icon desperately needed in this day and age. Promising Young Woman is a marvelous, haunting film.

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