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Raat Akeli Hai (“The Night is Lonely ‘in English) is a whodunit with a dysfunctional family background similar to Knives Out (2019), with a policeman as the protagonist who, throughout the investigation, often clashes with corrupt power holders, while trying to maintain objectivity when the romance begins. cross over it. J. J. “Jake” Gittes, the main character in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown (1974), was struggling more or less. Is the script inspired directly by the two titles above? Maybe. Is the quality at the same level? Unfortunately no.

The opening sequence features an accident at night. A car was hit by a truck. But it wasn’t an accident. A man accidentally crashed his truck, then killed the two car passengers, then obliterated their bodies. Five years later, another murder case occurred. Raghuveer Singh (Khalid Tyabji) is found dead in a room, right after getting married to a much younger girl named Radha (Radhika Apte). Radha is Raghuveer’s second wife, after his first wife died five years ago. Top Movie Site

Inspector Jatil Yadav (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is in charge of investigating the case. Suspicion certainly leads to Radha, but Jatil simply refuses to believe it. Despite facing a lot of opposition, from partners who consider him “looking for something that doesn’t exist”, to members of the legislative assembly who happen to have close ties with the Singh Family, Jatil still believes that this case is both bigger and more complex than it looks. But really? Was Jatil really a careful investigator, or was he only distracted by feelings of sympathy (which later turned into love) for Radha?

Many — though not all — of the whodunit treats are set in one location, in order to maintain focus and increase intensity in the puzzle-solving process, while strengthening characterizations and interactions between individuals. Raat Akeli Hai chose the opposite approach. The scale is enlarged, the conflict is enlarged. The problem is that Smita Singh’s writing has not been that solid, resulting in a complexity that is often confusing rather than fun to solve. After an early half that aroused curiosity, the intensity in the following minutes weakened, along with the increasing problems of the location visited by the inspector. Best Movie

I understand that Smitha has a lot of worries about social issues. Power abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, beauty standards, and others. But not all of them need to be included, so as to make the film roll for nearly two and a half hours. Some points are of inferior substance. One of them was about Jatil, who was demanded to get married immediately by his mother (Ila Arun), which was included only as a pioneer for an element of romance which also did not need to exist, because: 1) It did not enrich the story; and 2) Without a commensurate emotional payoff.

A myriad of characters appeared, but due to the lack of color typical of each other, nothing really interesting to follow. There is one character who has a big role in the final half (including bringing up an important issue), but as long as the duration is not given adequate portions, it strips away the impact when he finally gets the spotlight. At least, our protagonist is more complex. Coupled with the fearless appearance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a fearless law enforcer in black glasses and leather jacket, Jatil is not a holy protagonist. His anger often exploded, he did not hesitate to give slaps to those who disturbed the investigation. Meanwhile, Radhika Apte is good at processing feelings, even though his character stops at the level of “an accused” and “a candidate for Jatil’s mate” rather than an individual who stands alone. Even though there is a potential for gender issues to be raised from the figure.

Honey Trehan, previously known as casting director, is making her directorial debut here. The results weren’t bad. The storytelling is dynamic, even with the help of Pankaj Kumar’s camera system and the artistic department team, Honey is able to polish Raat Akeli Hai to spoil the eyes. Even so, it is still green and not capable enough to be able to save the weakness of the script, including the moment of explaining the answer which should be the highlight of a whodunit, but instead is presented with minimal intensity due to hasty execution, which is no less confusing than the investigation. Movie Review

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