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Films like Red Notice require no review. The 39% score (to date) on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t matter. Likewise this article, which I wrote just to say, “Just watch it, enjoy a global-scale adventure with his three megastars, forget all the fuss about story quality and such”.

The film industry, especially those labeled “experts”, has recently become increasingly distant from the public. Critics tend to look down on light spectacles, while award shows award wins to (very) limited new titles in order to meet nomination requirements. Films are increasingly difficult to celebrate widely. Top Movie Site

Red Notice was certainly criticized for the script made by the director, Rawson Marshall Thurber (We’re the Millers, Central Intelligence, Skyscraper), failed to deliver a good storytelling. But does the word “fail” deserve to be pinned, if that’s not the goal? Exciting action wrapped in comedy set in various countries, the toughness of Dwayne Johnson, the antics of Ryan Reynolds, and the charm of Gal Gadot. That’s the main goal.

Johnson stars as John Hartley, an FBI agent who is forced to team up with his bounty, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), the art thief, after he is framed by another thief, Sarah Black (Gal Gadot), otherwise known as “The Bishop”. The trio visited Italy, Indonesia, Spain, Argentina, to Egypt, in search of Cleopatra’s jeweled egg, which is said to have been missing for two thousand years.

It’s a shame that Red Notice isn’t showing in theaters. The action show will be more exciting on the big screen. Watching it on a television screen or laptop is enough to reduce the preoccupation, thus making the mind more focused on the story, which was never intended to appear optimally. Best Movie

What is maximized? The advantages of the three main characters, of course. Johnson can still be relied on as an action hero, even when Hartley is more “human” than the actor’s usual characters. Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, so her toughness in action is not surprising. But this is her most playful role, even though the mysterious femme fatale still has a strong impression.

Reynolds? Watching his three films closely, made me even more convinced that he was a comic genius. The way he handles humor through sarcasm and deadpan, including his timing accuracy, is truly extraordinary.

There was a twist in the final round. Not a clever twist, but in harmony with the overall “color” of the film, as an adventure around the world in search of artifacts, which is reluctant to pay attention to seriousness, like Indiana Jones (the theme song can be heard briefly here) a much lighter version. Movie Review

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