Riki Rhino – Review

Children’s films always talk about how we live with each other or with the natural surroundings, a film production in the country precisely done in Bandung by Batavia Pictures. The process took about 4 years to develop characters, research into the location of endangered species of forests, build production assets and the selection of actors who acted in the film’s voice, with a solid story that gives a picture of one of the rare animals, the one-horned rhinoceros. Where the population has entered a rare level akibar hunted by hunters to be made government or just for fun. If all this time they have gotten from the Hollywood market there is nothing wrong with Indonesia making films that educate them, a light comedy animated film that does not have to decipher, they are very easy to absorb what they watch. The next generation is the spearhead of the Indonesian nation, filmmakers are obliged to legally deliver unattractive stories but have a broad impact on themselves and their environment.

Tells of Riki (Hamish Daud) Sumatran rhino that had been abandoned by his mother due to forest fires, he himself was hunted by Mr. Jak (Jack Lee) animal hunter for personal gain, after his beheaded was cut off by Mr. Jak. Riki felt that losing his pride could not live better, the only thing he was proud of was that he could no longer help his friends. Beni – a duck friend of his bestowed his feathers into a temporary Cula with the help of one monkey who has magical powers, they are on an adventure to find the Master who can restore Riki’s Sugar. The greatest strength when a stone is placed on artificial horn so that Riki is able to fight against his enemies. Going through all the challenges is not easy. Riki has to deal with fierce hunters who are ready to kill Riki at any time. Games Online dan Offline

Much is conveyed to the world of children with a humorous storyline for 90 minutes expected by the audience, especially families to be aware of the environment of endangered animals and love animals, this film will unwittingly be recorded on the minds of children, it’s time to act not wait long starting from self.

Screenwriting by Casandra Massardi with a very thick plot of the world of children provides high motivation with the background of the story itself, where each character is always associated with children’s characters such as brave, honest, afraid, low self-esteem. All processed into a dish that is easy to digest, even given a twist in every achievement Riki Rhino when adventuring. This proves how fast the children’s thoughts digest the films he watches. There are a number of voices that are underexplored in detail, with the potential to become even greater. Apart from the quality of 2D animation which is still lacking, there are some differences in animals and forest or river backgrounds. This is an input for the next film will be even better hopes. Well, in matters of soundtracks, unfortunately they are not listened to certain scenes, even though the song that is delivered very precisely appears on credit tille, hopefully the next film will still be felt because the soundtrack is very important in animated films. The strength of the storyline that is shattered in Riki Rhino is full of education, action, humor and amusement and after the film is finished it can be used as material for family chat.

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