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After making his brilliant directorial debut through Searching (2018), director / scriptwriter Aneesh Chaganty is back in another thriller, which, although more conventional, still shows his captivating talent in building intensity. Run displays terror through the figure of a mother with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP), a condition in which a caregiver fakes the condition of the person she is caring for, usually to seek attention.

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One of the most famous cases of MSbP is Dee Dee Blanchard’s treatment of his daughter, Gypsy Rose, who was made as if she was suffering from a pile of illness. Before the end, due to excessive control, Gypsy kills the mother. Meanwhile, on the big screen, The Baby (1973) by Ted Post discusses similar conditions.

Asthma, arrhythmia, hemochromatosis, asthma, diabetes and paralysis. According to Diane Sherman (Sarah Paulson), these are the conditions that her daughter, Chloe Sherman (played by Kiera Allen, who like Chloe, also uses a wheelchair) has. At the age of 17, despite her many limitations, Chloe is still excited about studying from home under Diane’s tutelage, and wants to study at the University of Washington. Unlike other parents whose children are schooled at home, Diane is not worried. At a meeting between parents, he is the only one who feels happy, because Diane believes in Chloe’s. Best Movie

Sounds like a dream family right? Chloe felt the same way, until one day she found her mother gave her a different drug. A suspicious drug, where instead of her name, Diane’s name was on the box. It is not difficult to guess in which direction Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian are leading the way in their manuscript. And that’s not a drawback. Not fatal. The problem lies in the hasty progress. After 17 years of manipulation, it shouldn’t be that easy and fast for Chloe to suspect Diane, who she has known as a loving mother who has never restrained her at all.

That hole of logic keeps the story apart. Even though the content of Run’s story is closer to reality than it seems. Without having to suffer MSbP, aren’t there so many parents who control, curb, and manipulate their children, but say that everything is done for the good of the baby. With her trademark hysterical style, Sarah Paulson’s appearance may not have the significant emotional impact of her family conflicts, but it is appropriate when compared to the “b-movie face” of her film, as a psychotic antagonist.

On the other hand, Kiera Allen makes it easy for the audience to support her character’s struggles, in the sequences that Aneesh Chaganty successfully packaged. Even Chloe’s physical condition plus her skills give birth to various creative situations, for example when she tries to escape from a room that Diane has locked. This creativity fades a bit when the climax is limited to displaying cliché chases, before (fortunately) the film is closed by a “sick” moment that will make you smile with satisfaction. Movie Review

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