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When man wants to live, does he really want to live life, or is he afraid of death? Why fear of death, when dying is like a long sleep forever? Why is it not life to be feared, when life leaves a lot of pain? Through its two protagonists, a former intelligence agent who is just dying from illness and a cloned immortal individual, director / scriptwriter Lee Yong-ju explores the above series of questions, in order to produce thought-provoking blockbusters, although not all subjects get satisfactory answers. Top Movie Site

Seo Bok
Seo Bok

Min Ki-hun (Gong Yoo) ‘s life fell apart when we first met him. In addition to the illness for which he was sentenced to short life, he was addicted to drugs. Until his former boss in the intelligence bureau, Ahn (Jo Woo-jin), offers him a mission to protect Seo Bok (Park Bo-gum), the first cloned human who has immortal life. The cells in his body are also believed to be able to cure all diseases. Not only that, Seo Bok also has other super powers. His brain waves can control the pressure of all objects, so he is able to move anything only through his mind.

Of course, with this ability, many parties desire to control it, and that’s where Seobok builds the foundation as a road movie with a science fiction action cover. It is true that there is a series of actions, even the budget of around 16.5 billion won (nearly 15 million dollars) is able to give a pretty solid CGi effect, but the main focus of the film is to explore perspectives on life. Movie Review

On the sidelines of the trip, Ki-hun and Seo Bok often exchange ideas, throwing questions as written in the opening paragraph. As an immortal, it’s only natural when Seo Bok asks, “What dying feels like?” to Ki-hun who is seriously ill. Only when following the question, “Did it feel good to live?”, I was momentarily stunned. The common belief that “life is a gift” makes people rarely, or never asks, that. Because unlike us, for Seo Bok, success in survival is not an achievement.

Obviously the film’s answer to Seo Bok’s question is, “Yes, it feels good to live”. Why? Due to feelings of guilt from the past, Ki-hun realizes that he deserves to die, but he still wants to live. Why? After a scene wrapped in a beautiful and magical visual set on a beach, Seo Bok is able to lift Ki-hun out of sin, but Lee Yong-ju fails to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the process of the protagonist. So did Ki-hun choose to live because she really wanted to, or just because she was afraid of death? The answer is never convincing.

The emotional impact of the drama’s presentation was also choked up because some scenes took longer than they should have been, as if refusing to end even though the point had been conveyed. The ending was not boring thanks to the appearance of the two main characters. When Bo Gum had an “innocent” face that suited Seo Bok’s purity, Gong Yoo became polar opposites. Messy, messy, easily annoyed. Not infrequently, their strong chemistry is used as a means of creating dynamics, especially in every insertion of humor, which occasionally leads Seobok into the realm of buddy comedy.

Being known as the figure behind the birth of the romance Architecture 101 (2012) does not make Yong-ju awkward in directing the action, which is unexpectedly quite brutal and painful (not gory, but has more violent than expected), especially when it involves Seo Bok showing off his strength. super. Best Movie

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