Silenced – Review

Silenced is a film based on a true story, and I watched it while imagining it actually happened? Those children really are treated like that? Believe me if you know this film is lifted from a true story to make the tightness feel more pronounced.

I want to give a little info, this film was made because of Gong Yoo’s share (you know Train to Busan and Goblin players). So, Gong Yoo was currently serving in the military, there he read a book that discusses this tragedy. He was intrigued, then after the military, he contacted the director of his agency. He asked that his agency could lift the story of the book to the big screen.

I’m speechless. His concern with social issues is truly extraordinary. His movement was meritorious for the country. Because of what?

Do you believe a film can change something? This Silenced film is proof. Change happens. This film voiced justice and after the film came out, and was watched by millions of Korean people, the people also demanded justice! After that, the Government began working on new policies in changing the law. Yes, all that happened because of the movie.

Gang In-ho (Gong Yoo) who is a single parent and financial difficulties, was forced to accept a job offer to become an art teacher at a school for deaf children in Mujin, an area far from Seoul. At the school, In-ho finds a surprising fact, some children experience physical and sexual violence by teachers and school principals. Finally, In-ho with a human rights activist, Seo Yu-Jin (Jung Yu-Mi), together help these children and expose the case to be known to the general public. But, the facts on the ground speak differently. Both the teachers, staff, school principals, police, and even judges actually covered the case.

Watch Silenced, as if watching a horror movie. With minimal lighting, scenes in the hallway and dark room, the groaning sounds that were heard in the deaf school, made a frightening and terrible impression that was thick. Not to mention the dark atmosphere of the film. So, Silenced is the true horror movie!

With Games Online dan Offline music accompaniment and heartbreaking scoring, adding to the darkness of this film. Not to mention in the first hour, we will be presented scene after scene of violence that occurs in children who are deaf clearly and clearly. Then in the next hour the focus will be on problem solving in the courtroom. Here, there are many scenes that make us take a deep breath of annoyance, anger, or hate like watching Soredemo, Boku wa Yattenai. Especially if you see the faces of the suspects who are holy, it feels like to tear their faces apart. Wow! Looks like it seems excessive, but that’s how it is.

The main actor, Gong Yoo is the most appropriate character in In-ho. Duet with Jung Yu-Mi who is no less good at acting with Gong Yoo. And of course the villains, like the twin headmasters and one of the teachers who committed sexual violence, were indeed successful in making the audience want to spit in their faces because of their steady acting.

His children’s players were able to steal their attention with their cool acting. Especially because they also have to learn sign language. I like the character Yoo-ri more than any other child character. But I was quite moved when Min-Soo cried out loudly knowing the fact that the grandmother had forgiven the perpetrator. In accordance with the title of the film, Silenced, this two-hour long film shows more acting and expression of the players’ movements rather than dialogue.

As frustrating as the movie Soredemo, Boku wa Yattenai, Silenced will make us very furious, hateful, or even angry at seeing the facts on the real field, where the winner is always the person in power. Money … money and money. And with money, the law can be bought. Pity!

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