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Featuring killer jeans, Slaxx carries the same passion with titles such as Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Evil Bong (2006), to Rubber (2010). A class B horror comedy, which shines even more with the increasing stupidity of the film. This time the setting is the world of the fashion industry, which is an open secret, that behind its glamor, always keeps a dark side. Top Movie Site

Libby (Romane Denis) enthusiastically welcomes his first day working at the Canadian Cotton Clothier (CCC) clothing company. His admiration for the leader, Harold Landsgrove (Stephen Bogaert), who always insists that the CCC is against the exploitation of workers, the use of child labor, and the use of GMOs in the manufacture of products. The perfect identity for the company that grew up in the woke generation.

Employees are called “CCC Family”, the workplace is called “ecosystem”, manager Craig (Brett Donahue) looks friendly with a smile that never fades. Everything is perfect. But Libby is too excited to realize that something that looks perfect is suspect. Until their newest product, “super shapers”, jeans made from a revolutionary material that can adjust the size of the wearer’s body, live and start to commit slaughter.

That night became the right stage for the murder, because all employees were undergoing lockdown in the store, in order to prepare for the launch of the super shapers the next morning. Libby and Craig were the first to find the body of one of the employees, who was littered in the toilet, his body split in half and his stomach contents scattered. Libby was about to go to the police, but Craig said no. First, the lockdown did not allow them to contact outside parties. Second, Craig didn’t want to spoil the launch event, to keep his chances of receiving promotion. Best Movie

Yes, even though one life has been lost, all work must run normally, in line with the issue of the company’s reluctance to care for employee welfare. Director Elza Kephart, who wrote the script with Patricia Gomez, deliberately made Slaxx a satire. Racism, capitalism, exploitation of the fashion industry for labor, all flicked, although unfortunately less sharply. Even the humor, such as when Libby discussed the Indian Hamara song with Shruti (Sehar Bhojani), was not how effective it was to provoke laughter. Cliché. Satire for casual racism, in a form that has been repeatedly applied by other comedies, many of which have better presentations.

The flow moves repetitively at the beginning. A character secretly wears super shapers (either personal desire or the result of hypnotic control of the pants), is massacred, then the film repeats the pattern with other characters. Only when the existence of the killer pants became known to everyone did the madness increase, and Slaxx appeared (a little) more varied. The duration of 76 minutes is maximized without any wasted moments, including eliminating the element of stalling, such as a skeptic who doubts the existence of killer jeans.

Besides being brutal, the methods of killing him are quite varied, as creative as how Kephart visualizes super shapers, which sometimes appear like a giant snake while enjoying the victim’s blood. Yes, apart from killing, these jeans also drink blood. The more blood is drunk, the logo on the back of the pants, changes color from yellow to red. Somehow. This has never been explained. The climax is anticlimax, not maximizing the potential of flooding the screen with blood, but not to the point of erasing the fact that Slaxx is a silly, fun entertainment. Movie Review

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