Sonic The Hedgehog – Review

Films that feature popular video game characters, Sonic was briefly delayed due to its strange shape. However, now there is the latest footage from the film Sonic The Hedgehog which aired on YouTube. The trailer begins by explaining how he came to earth. Sonic also revealed that people always pursue their strength on their own planet, so that makes him have to move.

Not only that, the excerpt also featured Jim Carrey who played the role of Doctor Robotnik and James Marsden as Sheriff Tom Wachowski and the excitement of Sonic’s adventure with Wachowski who went all over the world to avoid Doctor Robotnik.Games Online dan Offline

In addition to a variety of interesting scenes, these footage also immediately attracted attention because of the different Sonic shapes from the previous design. Sonic appears with larger eyes, shorter legs, and teeth that are less visible when talking. In short, Sonic looks similar to the design in the game.

This design change is also widely discussed by netizens. Overall, netizens commented positively on changing Sonic’s design for the better. So many were discussed by netizens, that Sonic The Hedgehog entered into the order of number six on Google Trends for daily searches. It is known that until now, Sonic The Hedgehog has more than 5 thousand searches.

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