Spider-Man 3 confirmed!

Tom Holland fans worry not. If you loved Spider-Man: Far from Home then you’re going to love the news that Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are confirmed to put in writing the third film for the franchise.

Earlier in the week there was a terrible fall out with Sony vs. Disney over the future of Spider-Man. currently we’ve learned that actually, despite the new home, Spider-Man is in safe hands with these two.

Spider Man far from home
Spider Man far from home

It was announced earlier in the week that the web-slinging superhero would be leaving the Marvel cinematic Universe (MCU) after talks broke down with Sony, however the studio are getting to retain the scribes to pen the next outing for the character, who is anticipated to still be played by Tom Holland, despite the upheaval.

However, it’s unclear whether or not Jon Watts will come back to direct the third film after being brought on board far from Home’ by MCU boss Kevin Feige.

It was disclosed earlier in the week that Sony pictures who commissioned the notable character to Marvel – has hit a stalemate with the studio over the funding and profit-sharing of the future Spider-Man movies, resulting in the exit of Marvel boss Kevin Feige from the franchise. poker dominoqq online

In a statement, Sony’s spokesperson said: ‘Much of today’s news concerning Spider-Man, has mischaracterised recent discussions concerning Kevin Feige’s involvement within the franchise.

Spider Man Far From Home
Spider Man Far From Home

‘We are frustrated, but respect Disney’s call to nothave him continue as a lead producer of our next live action Spider-Man film. we tend to hope this may change in the future, however understand that the numerous new responsibilities that Walt Disney has given him – as well as all their recentlymore Marvel properties – don’t allow time for him to work on ip they do not own.

‘Kevin is terrific and we are grateful for his help and steerage and appreciate the trail he has helped place America on, that we’ll continue. agen sbobet terpercaya

’ There has been several months of negotiations between the Disney-owned Marvel Studios and Sony pictures to alter the initial deal, that saw Marvel collect five per cent of the profits of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: far fromHome.

Going forward, Marvel appeared positive they mayfind a deal because the character was billed to be ‘the Next Tony Stark’ within the Marvel franchise.

The stalemate between Sony pictures and disneyreportedly came once the latter asked for fundingand profits to be split fifty / fifty, which might mean Walt Disney and Marvel would have a largeincrease in profits, with the previous film grossing a humongous $1.1 billion (£900 million) worldwide. slot game online indonesia

However, as the week has gone on, reports have recommended Disney would accept twenty fifth of profits and funding but just for movies that involve both Kevin and Marvel.

A release date for the third Spider-Man movie has been confirmed as July 16, 2021. This makes it a part of the MCU part four.For now (until we tend tohear differently), we will assume that since Sony co-produced Spidey’s MCU movies, they willcontinue with the storylines created in Homecoming and Far From Home.

So we will look forward to continued MCU references, cameos, and Peter still moping over Tony Stark within the third film.

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