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Spiral (full title Spiral: From the Book of Saw) is opened by a crushed body, scattered in the underground tunnels including the tongue left in a trap. Following that is a 180 degree situation where our protagonist discusses the absence of a Forrest Gump sequel because the main character has AIDS. Brutal death and intriguing chatter. The Saw and Chris Rock series have always had two things, but who would have thought that both of them would be combined in one film. Top Movie Site

Four years after the toothless tiger named Jigsaw, this series no longer has many options. Completely stop, or take a new direction. Spiral shows how the old faces of this series, namely director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II – IV) and Jigsaw scriptwriters, Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, take new directions that tend to be unpredictable. Chris Rock starring in horror as the son of Samuel L. Jackson? Sounds bold, even extreme.

However, the outline of the story still follows the formula of the previous films, with minor modifications to add relevance. Rock plays Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks who many cops hate. Not (only) because he often acts on his own, but because of his honesty. Honesty that made him a traitor. Even though his father, Marcus Banks (Samuel L. Jackson), is an honorable retiree.

At one point, the police are excited by the appearance of a killer who imitates the modus operandi of John Kramer aka Jigsaw (Tobin Bell). There is a slight difference. The voice recording changes, the doll as its alter ego changes, the victim changes. This time the killer was not just targeting the sinners, but more specifically: the sinner cop. Together with his new partner, William Schenk (Max Minghella) the novice detective, Zeke must race against time before any of his colleagues are victims.

Spiral is probably the first Saw film, where the reason for the perpetrator to do the action, can be understood personally by many people. The script does not provide deep enough exploration to sympathize viewers, but certainly many share the wounds, and think that corrupt cops who use uniforms and badges to do whatever they want (some are not much different from murderers), more deserving of death penalty than con wives or photographers. problem from the previous installment. Best Movie

Let’s put the identity of the victim aside first, because the Saw series is still a dish of torture porn, which prioritizes torture using a variety of traps. Related to that, Spiral deserves to be called “return to form”. The traps are brutal, as well as creative enough to present different horrible deaths. I will not discuss the details. Certainly, Bousman’s directing could make the array of traps look extremely painful. Achievements that cover his weaknesses are stories, when the inconsistency of the pace (making the film sometimes intense, sometimes boring) as well as the plural skipping stories that occur here.

The Saw series is also synonymous with a twist. Regarding the identity of the perpetrator, it’s easy to guess the truth, long before it’s revealed, especially when Spiral suddenly changes the way he shows the victim’s death in the middle of the film. The conclusions may not be a brilliant twist like the two premiere films, but not the forced stupidity of the last titles. The theme music for Hello Zepp is still effective at pumping up adrenaline, so it can fake the impact of a twist to make it feel even more astonishing than it should be. Plus, Spiral retains the character of its franchise, ending the film just as the intensity is at its peak.

What is the result of selecting an “undue” cast? Chris Rock tried his best, but it was clear that he had a hard time getting off the ground. As if he was tormented by the demands of serious play, and looked more comfortable, just when throwing a few one-liners tickled. Samuel L. Jackson? The actor pronounced “motherfucker”, so what else could you expect. Movie Review

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