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Similar to the first film, Stand by Me Doraemon 2 still targets the old Doraemon audience which has now grown. Nostalgia and personal closeness to the story are the main targets. When the boys may be more entertained by the fantastic adventures of his two-dimensional film which is regularly released every year, through the Stand by Me series, the memory of adult audiences will be thrown into the past, while realizing how much closer Nobita’s story seems to be than it seems. Top Movie Site

The script is still being written by Takashi Yamazaki (who also returns to the director’s chair with Ryuichi Yagi), the outline of the film’s story is built from two comic chapters, namely Memories of Grandma and The Day of My Birth, each of which has been adapted into short films, released in 2000 and 2002.

Once upon a time, after the previous film succeeded in improving his fate (read: marrying Shizuka) in the future, Nobita invited Doraemon to return to the past to meet his grandmother, who died when he was in kindergarten. Nobita, who suspects that he is an adopted child, feels that his grandmother is the only person who really loves him. But adventures don’t just happen in the past. Simultaneously, the adult Nobita suddenly disappeared right on the day of the wedding, forcing Nobita from the present to fight to save his marriage, while fulfilling a promise to his grandmother.

Longing for childhood to a loved one who has passed away, doubting the love of their parents, and feeling their own insecurities, are all dynamics that are certainly understood by adult audiences. The strongest point of the film is none other than when he realizes that, so mature, the lazy crybaby Nobita who is able to pass all obstacles thanks to Doraemon’s magic tools, turns out to be having problems like the rest of us. Therein lies a wedge between “nostalgia” and “personal closeness”, which makes the story even more emotional: “Oh, apparently the character I have known since childhood has the same fate as me”. Best Movie

All elements of Stand by Me Doraemon 2 are made in the direction of the two things above. Including a series of sentences written so meaningfully without needing to sound poetic, which since the early minutes had forced me to wipe my tears. The way Yagi and Yamazaki build the moment is extraordinary. There is intimacy, so watching it, it feels like you are at home. The nuance cannot be separated from the visual motifs used by the two directors.

In the cartoon, what scenery is synonymous with “warmth” in Doraemon? Dusk. Yes, the evening sky is orange, which is often used to close episodes. Here, the evening is beautifully presented thanks to the high quality of 3D visuals, which is often used as a stage for touching events. Because dusk is the end of the day. As if to indicate, that after one tiring day, we can finally return home.

It’s a wrong place to expect Stand by Me Doraemon 2 to present sensible, intelligent time travel that appropriately considers the trivia of paradoxes. But how the question of mysterious events is created, which is then answered after time travel, is enough to provide pleasant entertainment. At least it is not only the emotion that this film offers, as an adventure looking at the past for the future, which is bound by a common thread called “affection”. Movie Review

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