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Sweet & Sour, directed by Lee Gye-byeok (formerly Park Chan-wook’s director at Oldboy) offers more. His first act appears like the embodiment of many men’s fantasies, when Jang-hyuk (Lee Woo-je) must be hospitalized due to hepatitis. A nurse named Jung Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin) is in charge of taking care of her. This nurse is not only kind, but also shows signs of interest in Jang-hyuk. Always spreading a smile, kissing the patient’s infusion bottle sweetly, even sleeping soundly beside his bed. Engaged in romance with a beautiful nurse while being hospitalized. It seems almost all men have imagined it. Top Movie Site

At first Jang-hyuk couldn’t believe it. So did his friends. Because Jang-hyuk is not the type to fall into the “attractive” category for some people. He is not a female idol handsome man, and his chubby body makes Jang-hyuk’s self-confidence often shrink. But over time, their relationship grew even closer, until they were officially dating after Jang-hyuk was discharged from the hospital. Woo-je and Soo-bin gave birth to a sweet and adorable romance through their chemistry, and I also hope that this romance will never fade.

Jang-hyuk is a lover with a lot of attention. Things like making food and changing the lights at Da-eun’s house are out, willing to do. He also promised to take care of their bodies, so they could wear couple shirts. This is where the turning point occurs.

The plot jumps and now Jang-hyuk (Jang Ki-yong) seems to have succeeded in making that promise. His weight dropped drastically, while his career soared. He was assigned to work as a contract employee of a large company in Seoul. It’s a big challenge, as it means, Jang-hyuk has to commute to Incheon-Seoul every day (a distance of about 27 km). Leaving early in the morning, passing through extraordinary traffic jams, then returning late at night after working overtime for endless overtime. Movie Review

Overwhelmed by fatigue plus the declining quantity (and quality) of encounters, Jang-hyuk and Da-eun’s romance slowly fades. Moreover, in his new office, Jang-hyuk meets Han Bo-yeong (Krystal Jung), a fellow contract employee. Even though they hated each other at the beginning, because they continued to interact as partners in various projects, the seeds of love began to grow. Jang-hyuk’s loyalty is tested. As the title suggests, this is the phase when sweet romance turns sour when faced with real-world realities.

Of course, Jang-hyuk is at fault, but the script the director co-wrote with Sung Da-som doesn’t make it that simple. The reason for Jang-hyuk and Bo-yeong’s closeness is understandable. Both are contract employees who are not considered by permanent employees, while the demands of work force them to continue together. The audience is made to understand without having to justify.

Moreover, the chemistry of Ki-yong and Krystal almost matched the combination of Woo-je and Soo-bin in the first half. Krystal completed her transformation, from idol to screen actress, and is now a talented screen actress, having made her debut in More Than Family last year. Krystal with all her “antiquity” is a major factor in the success of Sweet & Sour comedy seasoning.

The second half was a bit repetitive, but at least not without reason. Because this is where the protagonist’s tiring routine is presented, although it must be admitted, the presentation is longer than the narrative needs. Luckily there are other points that try to convey. In addition to the test of love, and the difficulty of dividing work and personal life equally, Sweet & Sour is also a drama in the world of work, which also discusses the exploitation of labor, especially those who are contract employees. Not too deep, but enough to add variety and complexity to the storytelling.

I’m sure the conversation about this film will be dominated by one element: twist. Surprising twist with awesome presentation. Neat, smart, not impressed by cheating the audience. Various “signs” have actually been spread, even from the first minutes through a visual clue. This twist changes the entire face of the film, from a spectacle that is potentially considered problematic, to empowering. From stories surrounding the test of loyalty, to touching illustrations of how the little things can make or break a relationship. How kindness is based on sincere affection is the key. Best Movie

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